Sienna Star

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The Sienna Star is a gold and silver sex-link. The genetics are a Brown Leghorn and a Sussex, making an excellent egg layer that produces cream-colored eggs. They are robustness and quiet and lay approximately 290 eggs/year. Male 5lbs. Female 4lbs.
Commercial turkey breed, hybrid. Smaller than the white, grows less rapidly.

Greek Crested

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Old Greek Crested (the single-combed one is the official variety). Our old greek friend.
Greek Bronze Turkey Breed is a domestic breed of turkey created from paternal and maternal stock of bronze (and black) heritage turkeys.


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HD Smart Home Camera - Monitor your chickens / flock
Written by breeder Cathy Brunson, this is a MUST-have for anyone wanting to get into breeding araucanas. Everything you could possibly want to know about the breed; from their history to color/tuft and tail genetics to choosing breeding stock.

Chicken Palace

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Our custom made chicken coop
I don't know if this is a roo or what breed it is. I purchased a variety pack for a broody hen. Heard crowing this morning and don't know who is the culprit. This chick is so beautiful in real life...maybe it is the roo? 9 weeks old.

Production Reds

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The Production Red is a hybrid chicken bred primarily from the Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire (so it definitely has a lot of RIR, and some of them might actually be pure RIR, just not up to RIR standards). I think it's big enough to be a decent-sized meat bird, but was primarily bred to be very good layers of lots of brown eggs. They're not really super heat tolerant, but are fine in the cooler months Production Reds are a medium, fairly pure red, with the exception of a possible smaller...


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What did this to my fence?

American Bresse

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The American Bresse originated in Bresse, France. They have been imported directly from France, but due to labeling legality concerns they are marketed as American Bresse.
Medium kill cone.

Captivator Fly Trap

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No mixing, ready to use permethrin spray for both on the birds and in the coop.

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