Add-A-Motor D20 Chicken Coop Motor

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    Add this motor to your chicken coop and it automatically opens and closes the door on a time schedule you choose. Simply plug it into your lamp timer switch and it protects your hens and eggs, and saves you valuable time every day. Has a reversible motor with adjustable stop settings. Motor stops door at open and closed positions you set. No counter-weight needed. Motor can lift and lower a door up to 4 pounds, with door openings up to 25 inches. Includes motor, mounting hardware, AC-DC Adapter, lift-cable, and illustrated instructions.
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  1. coophead
    "Good opener for the money."
    Pros - Lightweight and simple to install. Good bang for the buck. It's been in daily service for more than 4 years now with no problem..
    Cons - None so far.
    This unit has had some bad reviews from people that may have not understood how to install it. The weight of the door may affect how long this unit will last. I would purchase this opener again.
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  2. keeskrazy
    Pros - I LOVE THIS DOOR! What a great product! I've had mine for 3+years now and have NO complaints. Make sure the door you are using isn't more than 4 lbs.
    Cons - None!
    This door has really been convenient for me! I love just setting the time and forgetting about it. I go out every night to put their food back in so I can also check that the door has closed properly and opened in the morning when I take their food back outside. I have NO complaints. Great product!
  3. Bowslayer2
    "Works good and is inexpensive"
    Pros - Inexpensive and works well
    Cons - Need to set it up correctly and build a frame to keep chickens out of string and to keep door opening smoothly.
    After many reviews, I purchased this opener for my chicken coop. It was relatively easy to set up, but did require me to build a track for the plexiglass I used to slide in. In addition, I stuck a chunk of plywood over the string to keep the chickens and turkeys from ripping the string out.

    Initially, I did have some problems with the string "slipping" out from under the rubber oring and shutting the door. I eventually looped the string around the bolt...and had no more slips, however this means it could strip my motor if the plexiglass caught on something. However, with the frame I built, the glass plexiglass slides effortlessly and I don't believe it will "catch" on anything.
    For now, I am happy with this unit as it is very inexpensive compared to the other units and I have had no "major" problems. In reading many of the reviews on all the doors, it is apparent that all have good an bad reviews. Get what you are comfortable with and they all should work.

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  1. KayTee
    At only 9 months it should still have been under manufacturer's guarantee. Did you contact them to ask for a repair or replacement?

    I bought a ChickenGuard brand opener a year ago - I had one minor hitch after a couple of months - the timer function stopped working due to a faulty chip. The company mailed me a replacement front panel without any hesitation, but with lots of apologies and a genuinely honest explanation (they'd tried to reduce costs by buying a batch of chips from China, which had turned out to be extremely unreliable - they've now gone back to their original supplier!)
    At around $160 including postage the ChickenGuard is a bit more expensive than the model you mention here, but it is very reliable, and it makes such a difference if you work and can't always be home to close up the coop at dusk.
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