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AdorStore ADOR1

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  • The ADOR1 Automatic Chicken Coop door opener is easily installed on the wall of your chicken coop. It opens the door at dawn and closes it in the evening when it gets dark. The ADOR1 will automatically open and close the door daily using just an internal 6 volt lantern battery.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. HotDesertChick
    "This door has been very reliable, so far."
    Pros - Opens and shuts like clockwork.
    Cons - Trying to override the "auto functions" during daylight hours has not been very easy.
    My ADOR1 has only been running for a few months, but it has been 100% reliable for us so far.

    I find trying to override the "auto function" during daylight hours frustrating though. The door appears VERY determined to "re-open" regardless of how I use the buttons. This has led to some swearing, as the door re-opens when I want to limit chickens within the run. After being manually closed, Mr. Solar Cell Goblin still stubbornly takes over to do what he wants? May The Force be with you...?

    Otherwise, when the door is allowed to be fully automatic, it has run flawlessly for me. An acquaintance a few miles away from us (sells many dozens of eggs), had his door fail to close a couple times at nightfall, which resulted in a fox feast one of the nights (he has had the door for three-plus years). He did not feel that the battery was low, so was quite annoyed, upon losing his hens.

    To date, I have been elated with with the "auto setting" of the door. Works like magic. Cool.
  2. rogersne
    "Works Great"
    Pros - Has never failed. very solid
    Cons - Non yet
    Well we went with the ador door because they had the best price. It arrived very quickly. My husband never reads instructions(at least not before he tries at least once). The door was very easy to install. Looks great. We mounted it in a steel building that we built our coop inside of. The worst part was cutting the steel. Once thats done the door easily goes into place. Hooked up the battery and its worked great every day since. Now here comes the not reading the instructions. In the beginning the chickens did not know to go in at night and we would go out and find them huddled up next to door in the dark. Never realized the big green button was a manuel door opener. If someone would have read the instructions we would have saved lots of time. we were opening the top and unhooking the door to let them in[​IMG]. Now we know better. All in all this door works great. I actually think the chickens hear the beep beep and make a mad dash inside. I just ordered the wire kit so that you can install an inside opener button. I think that will be great in winter if you want to shut the coop in a blizzard or really bad storm. I Hope it [​IMG]works this well in a year.
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  3. san415
    "Door is not reliable."
    Pros - Looks nice.
    Cons - Wasted money, now must order a different door.
    If you are home the door is okay. It does not open and shut every time. So for me useless. I need a door that opens and shuts while I go on vacations.

    The door sometimes opens all the way, sometimes only part way, sometimes not at all. Same in closing, sometimes it closes all the way, sometimes not, sometimes doesn't close at all. We have had it a year, I am ready to order a different brand and have over $400 invested. What a waste.

    I will say that that when the door fails you can just go out and press the button and it will close or open as wanted. So its a good door if you use it manually. Right now its been opening every morning, all the way open. But it isn't closing at all.

    We tried many things to "fix" it. Changed the battery, tried resetting it, lubed it, and lastly, raised it up well off the floor, (the hens must jump in and out) in case shavings were stopping it. Though we have checked for any thing like a feather or pine shaving in the way.

    For me the door is useless. I feel bad for the people who make it, this is the first negative review I have ever posted any where. But thats a lot of money for a total failure to work as promised.

User Comments

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  1. Dutchgirl
    Isn't there a warranty?
  2. drumstick diva
    What type of battery does it require? How long does the battery last? Does it have a low battery warning, so you aren't shocked to find your birds trapped outside in horrible weather.
  3. san415
    If as per your above post, you are wanting to refund my money I will happy to return the door to you. I will of course update my review to reflect that.

  4. AdorStore
    ...And in light of an annoyed customer's post, in the context of all the good feedback we get and right here where Ballerina Bird and Petrel posted comments, as Petrel commented: he and the person he recommended the ADOR to have had flawless results. And Ballerina Bird says she had some problems with a wet board. I advise customers to put an overhang over their ADOR to help keep falling rain off of it. I also recommend if you use one of the access holes already in the box for the wiring for an accessory to pass through, that you caulk the opening. Most installations are outside and many but not all have an overhang -- without an overhang there is more chance of a problem with getting moisture in the box in the long run. But if you have experienced any inconsistent closing problems and especially if it seems to be associated with rain or dew point, please contact us. The ADOR has a one year warranty. After that, a new board or motor can be found available on the website. The galvanized steel will last "forever" and if ever you have to replace a part, even mama can swap it out with a screwdriver in minutes. Another comment I would like to make is that we get customer reports of having gotten 1.5 years from a dry cell 6 volt battery. Some say never got more than 6 months but are very happy with that. A few people have had some bad luck with batteries and not because they bought the cheapest (we did all our preliminary testing with the cheapest $2.88 batteries). One fellow tried two "new" batteries with his brand new ADOR, and neither worked. The 3rd battery worked fine. The second one he had bought from Radio Shack and when he brought it back they put it on a battery tester and it tested bad, so they gave him a battery to replace it and that's the one that worked. I sometimes wonder if there is a huge variation in the quality of new batteries, so I've started to recommend using a rechargeable battery and a trickle charger. Since they are readily available on the internet for decent prices, we haven't thought it was something we needed to sell from the website. The same thing is true for solar chargers... we've seen rechargeable 6 volt batteries and 6 volt solar chargers for only $25 on Amazon -- and two feed stores close to us have 6V solar chargers for $16 and rechargeable battery for $10.
  5. AdorStore
    I need to respond first to san415 who has put a negative review up. San415 NEVER called me. She NEVER emailed me until I found out who she was from this negative review and I emailed HER. I emailed her to ask her what is the trouble. Surely, if I were her and I had bad results from a product that had excellent reports, I would assume I just need to find out what's the problem. At the worst I think I'd just ask for my $199 back but more expediently I would contact the manufacturer and tell them that I have a problem. So here we are with 3 months still left on her 12 month warranty and she NEVER called me or emailed me for me to remedy the problem. And when I contacted her, I asked her what she wants to do next she did not respond except to say her review was "warranted" and she should just expect things to work when she buys them. It befuddles me. If there's anyone out there with reliability problems please call me or email me. So san415, it is not too late. Tell me what you want to do. Usually units that only open part way got slightly bent in shipping ... or it is a weak battery. I thank all the good people who at least give a small business a chance to respond privately before slinging their annoyance in the public domain. We have thousands of happy customers in all 50 states and sometimes there are issues but we will straighten them out if you will contact us so we can help.
  6. san415
    In case some one wants to know what I mean by it does not work.
    Sometimes it opens all the way. Sometimes it opens only part way. Sometimes it doesn't open.
    Sometimes it closes only part way. Sometimes it closes all the way. Sometimes it just stays open.
    Right now...it opens all the way, but will not close unless you close it manually.
  7. san415
    I have the same problems. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. It was very exspensive, for the quality.

    I plan to order a second door for the coop, from somewhere else, so that I have one that functions while on vacation.

    We have tried often to get it to work everytime...no luck. We have had it for about a year. I give up on it. I wish I had not wasted my money.
  8. petrel
    I've had mine for 17 months without a hitch. I recommended ADOR to a friend who has had flawless results as well.

    Battery Problems, binding door track, or exposure to artificial light sources tend to be common causes of inconsistent operation.
  9. Ballerina Bird
    I have found Rod at Ador to be very helpful; he has responded to me by both phone and email and talked me through a fix for my door when water got into it after some unusually heavy rain and wind. One adjustment I made, at Rod's suggestion, was to make sure the clips were clipping the battery connections as thoroughly as possible, like biting several layers of the coil (if that makes sense) rather than just clipped to the end of the coils. That seemed to address some issues I was having. If your board has gotten wet, that could also be affecting the operation. I addressed by gently blow drying the board; Rod said to wave/wiggle the blow dryer constantly rather than letting the heat stay on any one part of it to avoid the heat damaging it. I'm just a customer, so none of this is official troubleshooting or advice and shouldn't be taken as authoritative; just thought I'd offer since I know it's hard when your chicken door isn't working properly.
  10. Melnurse
    I was wondering if you ever found out what the issue was? I have had a similar experience with the door. I have sent an email to them over the weekend so I hope to hear back next week.

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