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    Brown/Grey, White, Buff
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    Large Fowl
    African geese actually didn't originate from Africa at all, but descended from the Swan goose in Southeast Asia. They are very close relatives of the Chinese goose, and some even assert that they are crosses between Swan geese and Chinese geese. African geese were admitted to the APA in 1874.
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    African geese are fair layers but excellent meat birds. They are considered a premier roasting goose and produce lean, high quality meat. Ganders average 22 lbs fully grown while females average 18. They are well known for their docile temperament, though they can be quite loud. The most distinctive characteristic of African geese is their large knob attached to their forehead. This knob needs protection in cold weather as it is prone to frostbite. As they age they develop prominent dewlaps that hang from their lower jaw to upper neck. A correct specimen will have dark brown to orangeish brown legs, a dark brown stripe that runs down the back of their neck, and a band of white feathers that separates the knob and bill from the beak. White African geese have orange knobs, shanks, feet, and beaks.







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  1. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful geese
  2. wamtazlady
    "Lovely and big"
    Pros - Big, gorgeous, great watch geese
    Make all kinds of racket when a stranger goes out back. However, they have never attacked or bitten anyone. I had always heard that geese could get awfully mean. Mine are not. They are just very vocal. I got them to be watch geese and they do their job very well. Wasn't able to get any babies in this their first laying season which was a disappointment. Goose only laid once a week or so and didn't go broody until July. Also had a skunk problem for awhile early in the year. Hoping she starts laying sooner this year and goes broody sooner. She knows where her nest is now so things should go more smoothly. The goose was still almost a baby when that picture was taken.
    Purchase Price:
    About $55 for sexed pair Metzer's Super African
    Purchase Date:
    April 2016


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  3. fikeyismybaby
    "African Geese"
    Pros - females are kind
    Cons - loud, males are aggressive
    The female that i raised from a baby loves me. She follows me around, jumps in my lap, gives me goose kisses, lets me pet her, and makes me pick her up. The male that i got the same day is aggressive. He bites hard. They are very noisy when people arrive.

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