Aloha Chickens

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  1. meusoc
    "want it"
    Pros - want it
    Cons - none just want it
    want it now
  2. Deerfield Acres
    "Work in Progress"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, sweet, yet savvy for free range
    Cons - working out the kinks on type

    The Aloha is the American answer to the Swedish Flower. Think Hawaiian flowered shirts. [​IMG] It's a very hardy bird that can take the heat in summer and cold in winter. Some will brood and raise chicks. Their personalities are generally very friendly and curious. Ours don't hesitate to "chat" with us and always want to see what we're up to. The eggs are currently in the medium to large size range but we are working to bring egg size up. The Aloha hens are, in my opinion, more beautiful and will someday soon be more uniform in color than the Swedish Flower. I am working on breeding consistently ginger colored birds with white spangles that are more uniform than the Swedish and offer rounder, fuller breasts for a better dual purpose bird. The Aloha is currently about the same size as a Red Star but should be bringing the size up over the next year. This is a project bird and not yet recognized as a standard breed.
  3. Rezia
    "Friendly natured and beautiful describe the Aloha."
    Pros - Sweet, eye-candy, friendly, regular layer
    Cons - smallish eggs, noisy, broody often (at least once a month)
    My Maizee is an Aloha that was rejected from the breeding group due to her green legs. Other than that, she's a perfet example of the breed. She lays beautiful smallish cream coloured eggs pretty regularly. She's still laying even though the rest of the flock is slacking. She is pretty noisy. She always greets me with a very loud welcome, and continues to welcome me about 5 minutes after I walk in the coop. She's friendly, hopping right onto my lap when I sit down. She gets broody often, which really isn't a problm because of her sweet nature. She has never pecked me or scratched me when I lift her up to get the eggs. Aloha's are nice chickens!

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