Amber Star Hybrid

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  • Breed Purpose:
    Egg Layer
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    All Climates
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    Egg Color:
    Light Brown
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    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    White w/ Gold splash
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    Large Fowl
    The Amber Star is a fantastic chicken is all senses, she is a Rhode Island Red based Hybrid chicken. The Amber Star's feathering is very soft, Amber Star's have a very placid nature and make ideal pet chickens. Eggs, well the Amber Star lives up to the star part of her name laying up to 320 eggs in her first laying year!
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  1. Outpost JWB
    "Amberlink / Amber Star is a wonderful breed."
    Pros - Friendly, good egg layers, strong, disease resistant
    Cons - Tend to go broody often (this could be a positve attribute to others).
    Bought 4 of these at local feed store last year. Bought 4 or 5 other breeds as well. Lost many of my pullets due to rounds of fowl pox, coccidiosis and roundworms. All of the amberlinks made it through all of that. This year they are laying beautiful brown eggs. The only issue I've had with them is that they all went the same time! Other than that, they are very friendly and good natured. W
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  2. Dooleyo
    "Great Chickens"
    Pros - Smart, Friendly
    Cons - None!
    I just got two this past week, and they are very great, even as chicks. This is the second time I've had chickens, and I hope the flock back up and running. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to spend time with their little babies. A friend and I have chosen the name's "Mariah" and "Daryl" :D
  3. cluckcluckgirl
    "Very Good Breed"
    Pros - Lays lots of eggs, great personality, not aggressive, hardy
    I have four Amber Stars and they're great chickens. They've entertained me from day 1 with their cute personalities and continue to do so. They get along great with my other chickens. Their eggs are anything but uncommon right now. Also, they've made it through a rough winter, so that is a good thing.

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  1. Outpost JWB
    That pic is not one of my hens as the pic was already populated. But yes, they are very lovely;). Mine are much more white. They look like a heavy set leghorn. But not as heavy as a cross rock.
  2. HenHugs
    It looks like a really beautiful hen!
  3. Sylvester017
    Hybrid or crossbred chickens do not breed true in the offspring so can't be shown as a true breed.
  4. bobhoke
    Then why 3 stars?
  5. applebutter14
    why cant you show them?
  6. Buckles
    Thanks for your review. So glad to hear your girl survived and made her way back home.
  7. cluckcluckgirl
    I'm not very well educated in chicken breeding to create breeds, but I'm going to try to educate myself on that. I believe that a Red, Gold, and Amber Sexlink are all just the same breed. Mine also look much more red than the picture, but every chicken is different. I still firmly believe they are this breed, despite being more red. I wish I could offer more help as to what breeds are crossed to produce this breed, but I will try to research it.
  8. Blackberry18
    Stars and sexlinks are two different names that refer to the same type of breed. So, I'm wondering, is there a difference between a red sexlink, a gold sexlink, and as yours would also be an amber sexlink? I have what is called a gold sexlink, but one of mine looks more like a red, so I'm wondering if there's a difference. The red sexlink is a cross between a Rhode Island Red cock, and a White Leghorn female, so I'm wondering if that the varieties I mentioned above are just different names or the gold and amber are crosses between different ones, perhaps a Buff Orpington or Rock and a White Leghorn? Wondered if you might know.
  9. XxMingirlxX
    Please stick to useful and relevant information when posting reviews
  10. PoultryArk
    Where did you get yours?

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