Amber Whites

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    Dual Purpose
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    All Climates
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    amber white
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    Large Fowl
    The Amber White is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White. They are a calm, easily adaptable bird with excellent livability. The Ambers beautiful brown egg color and good feathering throughout the lay makes her a preferred product.
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  1. PeepersMama
    "Want one of these!"
    Pros - Very calm, friendly, great layers
    Cons - white feathers, eat alot
    My friend has an amber white and I want one SOOO bad!!! She is one of her 3 and 4 year old girl's favorite chickens, and definitely not without reason. She is amazing!
  2. Flock Master64
    "2 thumbs up"
    Pros - Friendly and good with children, decent layers and do well in cold, hot and wet weather
    Cons - None
    Overall I'd say they're a very good breed. I have two Amber Whites named Jelly-Bean aka The Bean and Merlina. They are both very friendly and do very well with my younger brother and sister, they like to be held and pet. They lay average size brown eggs that have a very hard shell and they lay usually one egg per day. They do well in hot, dry, cold and wet weather. I would recommend this breed.
  3. Joanna S
    "Great Layers!!"
    Pros - Lays nice brown eggs all year long. Very sweet girls. Great free rangers.
    Cons - none
    This is my first chicken flock. I have three amber white hens. They lay all year round. Even through the freezing winter. They are great foragers. They are very friendly and talkative. All I have to do is open my back door and they come running. I've never had one go broody, which works for me right now since I have no rooster. These birds are a great starter for someone wanting to try chickens.
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  1. WindStep
    Wish I had some!
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    1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      They are a production hybrid like the dominant amber d 843.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 4, 2018
    2. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      Search for them, find a trustworthy hatchery near you or create them.
      You need white rock roosters and RIR hens single combed.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 4, 2018
  2. DuckRaiser
    Good review! Are they available in bantams?
    1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      You can only create them in the bantam size. They are not a recognized breed, but a production hybrid.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 4, 2018
  3. upthecreek
    Wow she sounds like a special hen !!

    I would certainly want to raise some out of her .... you have been given a real gift and we don't get many of these opportunities in life .
    If i were you i would want to find a good rooster of her breeding(this is best) ..... (or a good rooster of similiar breeding and type) and put them together and raise a flock of them -- then save the best rooster out of these and breed him back to her(if you decide to do this i will tell you more) .

    But , what is a "Amber White" ? How are the bred ? "my email address"([email protected])
    Thanks for any info ,
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    1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Nov 6, 2018

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