The Ameraucana was developed in the 70's by a few people who were trying to standardize the...

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Breed Purpose
Dual Purpose
Climate Tolerance
All Climates
Egg Productivity
Egg Size
Egg Color
Breed Temperament
Friendly, Flighty, Easily handled, Calm, Bears confinement well, Quiet, Docile
Breed Colors/Varieties
Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, and White. Colors being worked on include Lavender, Splash, Splash Wheaten, Mottled, Salmon, Red Pyle and Black Gold.
Breed Size
Large Fowl

The Ameraucana is an American breed of chicken developed in the USA in the 1970s. It was derived from chickens brought from South America (Chile) that carried the blue egg gene and was bred to maintain the blue egg colour gene of that breed. There is also an Ameraucana bantam variety and both the LF and bantam variety were added to the APA Standard of Perfection (SOP) in 1984. Recognised varieties are: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White.

The Ameraucana is one of the few chicken breeds to lay blue eggs, another being the Cream Legbar, which also have an Araucana influence. The Ameraucana breed shows many similarities to the Araucana breed, such as pea combs and of course the blue egg gene. The Araucana however has earmuffs and is rumpless, whereas the Ameraucana has a tail and is muffed and bearded. Their earlobes are small and round, wattles small or absent, earlobes, comb and wattles are all red. Their shanks are slate-blue, (tending to black in the Black variety). In Australia and UK both Ameraucana and Araucana breeds are viewed as varieties of the Araucana - tailed and rumpless.

Less rare than Araucanas, Ameraucana are still considered quite rare. They are often confused with Easter Eggers (EE's are often advertised and sold as Ameraucanas), which can lay blue AND green eggs.

See here: Differences Between EEs, Ameraucanas, and Araucanas

Ameraucana eggs

Ameraucana chicks

Ameraucana pullet

Ameraucana rooster

For more info on Ameraucanas and their owners' and breeders' experiences, see our breed discussion here:

Latest reviews

Love my Ameraucanas
Pros: Beautiful, friendly, adorable, gorgeous eggs, funny, curious, nice size.
Cons: Can be towards the top of the pecking order

Often confused with Easter Eggers.

Feedstores sell EEs as Ameraucanas.
Ameraucanas have always been my favorite breed. I have raised several blue wheatens, and currently have white and lavender. Have had both male and female, never had one I didn’t adore.
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$10, $19.95.
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March 2020, February 2021.
A True Favorite!
Pros: So adorable, super personable when raised from hatch, beautiful to look at and wonderful blue eggs to mystify your non-chicken friends with. A very intelligent chicken compared to many others.
Cons: None
I found a beautiful Easter Egger and dove into the history of the Ameraucana after. It amazed me that they were so sought after that shops used phony names! What is the wonder of this breed? I saved my pennies and shipped a few purebreds across the country and I am smitten. Beautiful funny intelligent birds who have become family overnight!


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Pros: Huge beautiful blue eggs! Nice plump bird, never quarreled with flockmates.
Cons: Stopped laying for awhile, but I do believe this had more to do with environment than breed.
Very nice chickens, by far one of the best dual purpose ive ever had. The chickens were very hefty and their eggs were even more so. They had beautiful personalitiess too.


This is NOT typical of the Ameraucana breed. However, if you add just one hen to a coop full of birds, re-establishing the pecking order can be very hard on the new girl. Would never recommend doing that.
No, she and two others came together as the first birds into an empty coop. Supposedly, prior to that, she was docile and friendly among the three. We figured that the move "snapped" something in her or there was just something about the new arrangement she just couldn't adjust to. When she was placed in another larger established flock where she was definitely a stranger and lower on the totem pole, we were told she didn't seem to have any problems.
All my Ameraucanas are friendly with us. They lay plenty of eggs, with lights about 200 a year. easy to raise and show.
My Ameraucanas are the friendliest, least flighty, most wonderful chickens I have ever had. So far they are above average layers and I have gotten several broodies. LOVE my Ameraucanas.
I agree with you that the breed needs more publicity! I have a little buff and she is SO pretty, and she's a sweetie to boot! I'm happy to hear of another fan.
I'm sorry but I think you might've posted this in the wrong place. This is a review for the Ameraucana, not the Buffs, although you sure make them sound great. :)
She's a buff (wheaten colored) Ameraucana and she IS a sweetie.
If he was an EE, then why did you rate the Ameraucana? It's unfair to rate the Ameraucana as terrible from an experience with a completely different breed (or, mutt, really)
I have Ameraucana chickens 4 hens, they are excellent egg layers! I was told the Ameraucan chicken is the easter egg layer! I have their eggs in my incubator now, they will hatch the 21st of March, I can hardy wait, I got a oblong horse tank to put them in, after they hatch, with a 250 infared light, with cover, to keep them warm, also a screen over the top to rest the warming light on! A neighbor of mine did all this and she had good results! You can also put ply wood over part of the top to keep the heat in, if the weather is extra cold!
None of those chicks have an Ameraucana parent unless it is a Wheaten or Silver. Black especially is dominant to most any color, and you wouldn't see striped chicks like that come out. They are indeed adorable though. Also, Ameraucanas ideally only lay one color of egg. I think you're confusing with Easter Eggers.
Interesting because that's what the Local feed store sells them as. I think you must be accurate that they are Easter Eggers. See I learn something new all the time. Do you have pics of chicks. Now I'm confused. These came from blue or greenish eggs, so those are Easter Eggers? What color eggs does an Ameraucana lay?
Feedstores, like their supplying hatcheries, sell under false claim. They call them Ameraucanas, or Americaunas, or Araucanas - But the better name really is "Easter Egger" as they're not purebred. Ameraucanas lay blue eggs, like many Easter Eggers do, but they don't have green or yellow eggs (did yours?) they don't come in striped colors as chicks (except Silver, which is a very rare color) and they don't come in unpredictable, varied colors like Easter Eggers. They come in a set number of recognized colors, each separately breeding true/pure. Trust me, if you get striped chicks there out of an "Ameraucana" it's very very likely an Easter Egger. If you got it from a feedstore - It's 100% Easter Egger.
Mine are just hatchery birds so I guess they are not from pure lines, I guess they would be considered easter eggers.

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