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Average User Rating:
  1. melishkia
    Pros - Unique
    Cons - None yet
    I have a young Ameri-Flower rooster that I love, he is so pretty! He's extremely sweet but he hasn't hit sexual maturity yet so things could change. He looks like a splash americauna but is crested and bearded, he has become my favorite part of the flock- I just love watching him. He has a lot of spunk/personality, I'm really hoping he continues this docile personality to adulthood.
  2. puffypoo22
    "Want one badly"
    Pros - Pretty, colors unique, blue eggs, rare, docile
    Cons - cannot show
    I do not have one but assuming that they are swedish flower ameraucana mixes, they must be pretty sweet birds with brown or black or blue plumage. Some have crests and beards, they lay pretty blue eggs.

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