American Bresse

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    Meat or Eggs
    Non Setter
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    Heat and Cold Tolerant
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    Can be Flighty
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    White, Blue, Black, or Splash
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    These are the fast growing meat bird that produces the renowned French Bresse, which sells for top dollar among table fare. These birds are raised on pasture for 10 weeks and then caged and put on rations of organic feed and dairy for two weeks, which produces a large nicely marbled carcass of 4-6lbs dressed weight.

    These birds are also an amazing layer of large to XL cream colored eggs, with estimates of 250-270epy in healthy well cared for flocks. The American Bresse is an excellent forager and free ranging bird. They are also very attentive to predator threats. If you’re looking for an all around excellent dual-purpose breed that still produces lots of eggs and fast meat production, this bird is hard to top.
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  1. bobhoke
    Incorrect. Bresse hens become broody.
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  2. BlueBaby
    I have a small flock of the White Breese that I am still growing out. They are nice looking bird's, and are holding up to our hot Arizona summer heat ok so far. It got up to 116 degrees F. the other day.
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    2. BlueBaby
      Mine hatched on April 1, 2018. Yes, they have been growing fast. I think they are starting to get close to lay, as the girl's combs and wattles are starting to get a darker pink. I'm keeping my girls from the hatch, and will have to pick what boy that I will keep. I don't have enough girls to be able to keep more than one boy.
      BlueBaby, Jul 10, 2018
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    3. ageranger361
      Mine were shipped 4/25 lol, GreenFire Farms. Did you get from them?
      ageranger361, Jul 10, 2018
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    4. BlueBaby
      No, I got my hatching eggs for them from another person here in AZ.
      BlueBaby, Jul 10, 2018
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