American Domestic Show Flight

  • Breed Purpose:
    Exhibition, flying, pets
    Egg Color:
    Brown, Black, Yellow, recessive red
    The American Domestic Show Flight pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon which originated from the United States. It is a more recently developed breed which was developed in the state of New York, US during the third part of the 19th century. Like all Domestic pigeons they are descended from the rock dove (Columba livia) or also known as the feral pigeon.

    The American Domestic Show Flight is grouped as tumblers, rollers and highflyers.

    AFB59F14-EA7B-48F6-A828-53C7909D6D93.jpeg B8E61DC6-D0A1-41B1-832E-C8A73172E549.jpeg
  • AFB59F14-EA7B-48F6-A828-53C7909D6D93.jpeg B8E61DC6-D0A1-41B1-832E-C8A73172E549.jpeg
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