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American Game Bantams

Average User Rating:
  1. Tacampbell1973
    "my first two hens, still have them"
    Pros - Super foragers, wonderful mothers, super hardy, independent
    Cons - cant find any
    I just wrote all about my first two Game bird Mix hens on the American Game breed heading, didn't realize that they weren't talking about bantam breed! I will try to repeat what i wrote there but have had these hens for almest 4 years now, they are still healthy and going strong. They raised their first brood of chicks together. Not their first but the first they had since coming to live with me.
    An excellent durable, loveable bird.
  2. amyschickens1
    "lovely birds but i never knew they were called..."
    Pros - great mums, lay quite alot of eggs, wide range of colour, great weeders, can be free range, great beginner chickens
    Cons - they can be flighty at first to pick up, rats/birds of prey/raccons might try and kill them, do not like dogs
    I own only 2 at the moment and they are silver Dutch bantams, we keep them in with our partridge pekin bantam cockerel. They have 2 chicks that are 6 weeks old now and they are a cross between dutch bantam and pekin bantams.
  3. surprisebaby03
    "Really nice!"
    Pros - They can be sweet, Great alarm clock, And great color
    Cons - Very loud, The males some times will fight
    They are great little birds, They are a calm rooster and a calm pet, they are a little flighty. If you free range they are very small so something can pick your chicken up faster. But I 100% would buy another bird like this they are great birds!!! [​IMG]
  4. ahmadeido
    "Awesome Birds"
    Pros - Very friendly, Gentle, Loving
    Cons - None
    I currently own one bantam american game hen, she is a silver laced girl, she is the bride of my flock, which i have over 16 birds of different breeds and she is by far my favorite, she likes to be held, super friendly, very nice to the rest of the flock, awesome mother, great layer (i get an egg a day even in the winter).
  5. ChickenQuail007
    Pros - Tame & friendly as chicks, lay good quality eggs
    Cons - Peck a lot, unfriendly & shy, eat a lot
    6 months ago, I got 4 american game bantam chicks. 1 died because it was too weak. After a few days of owning them, I tried to tame them by putting some chick feed on my hand. They were a bit nervous, but after a few seconds they began eating. One of the chicks didn't eat for the first 2 days. After that, the chick began eating from my hand. Soon, there were some problems. 2 of them were roosters! The other one was a hen (the one that didn't eat from my hand immediately). I found myself a theory that lasted FOR A WHILE was that roosters were friendlier and hens were more shy.

    A month later, 1 rooster died and I got 5 more chicks (still american game bantam). 1 escaped the brooder and was lost, 1 died 5 months later. THEY WERE ALL ROOSTERS! Few weeks ago, the hen layed her first egg. Now, she lays 1 egg every 3 days. The eggs are delicious! [​IMG]

    Now, things have changed. The hen is still shy like when she was a chick, the rooster has definitely changed. He was the tamest chick of the 9. Now, he is the most unfriendly. He pecks me and chases the other roosters. The other 3, however, haven't changed. They were all tame, and now they are still tame, but not as much as before.

    Overall, not a very good breed for pets, but just depends on the individual birds.
  6. twilightsparkle
    "American Game Bantams are one of the best..."
    Pros - Gaurd their flock with diginity and pride, warn flock of every seen or noticed danger, is loyal to its 'feeder"/ owener
    Cons - Can be very aggresive with any other roosters, can pick on hens from other flocks
    American Game Bantams are the first type of chicken I ever owned and I am proud to say American Game Bantams are one of the best breed of bird.
    I noticed that before I started writing this there was a 75% good review rating, and I found that preposterous! These chickens need more positive reviews. Thats why I'm here; to say these chickens are awesome!
  7. JJSS89
    "Intelligent, Self-Sufficient, Broody, and..."
    Pros - Excellent parents, best freerangers, low-maintenance, beautiful
    Cons - Cold weather tolerance, too small for meat/egg production
    These birds are absolutely incredible parents and the hens are efficient when it comes to brooding and raising young.

    They don't eat much and can get 99% of it by free ranging. A little overzealous when it comes to territory but I like having these birds around.
  8. victoriagoodrch
    "friendly and flightly chickens"
    Pros - protective, pretty, lively
    Cons - flightly
    my mum's friend has a good amount of these chickens and they seem very lovely. :)
  9. jetfire245
    "A chicken who knows how to live!"
    Pros - Active,Beautiful,compasionate,Nice alarm clock.
    Cons - CAN be agressive to others.
    I had one of these funny things when I was ...Maybe 5? And this thing was my pet HE would let me hug him and hold him,sometimes I even pulled him in my wagon[​IMG]!Funniest thing is:When my grandma came over,(his name was KFC) this thing circled her car waiting for her to come out!And I always had to come out and put him in the back yard.He was a lovable guy,very healthy and was a great rooster to his hen (we just had 2) I would love to have one of the crazy but cute breeds again!Highly recommended for an overall AMAZING CHICKEN!

    So if any one is wondering:
    The hens name was:Guess what?POPEYE and yes,we mean the other well know fast food chicken restaurant I'll have a review on her soon i believe she was a amber white.

    Like my review?P.M. Me your questions or comments it really makes me feel appreciated here at BYC I'll answer the/Your P.M. soon[​IMG]
    Purchase Date:
  10. WindStep
    "Mean Rooster!"
    Pros - Beutiful Birds!
    Cons - Rooster Very mean and agressave.
    I had one of these birds he was mean! He poped my Grandmas leg if that tell you anything!

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