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  1. msazeeta
    "Squawky & Flighty"
    Pros - smart, flock protector, sweet, beautiful, curious, great forager
    Cons - loud, flighty, slow to develop,
    A neighbor gave me 2 of these as chicks and I ended up giving both away. One turned out to be a rooster which I had to re-home, and I think separating him from his sister started her off on the wrong foot in my flock. She was always very vocal from a young age. It started when the older hens would chase her away from food, making her very food aggressive. She became lowest of the pecking order and every morning would voice her dissent by squawking loudly at feed time for an hour, non-stop. My older hens would constantly chase her and she would fly over the fence. I never bothered to trim her wings because I felt that she was justified at trying to get away. She is flighty and not easy to catch but once held is very sweet. She didn't start laying until about 6+ months old. Because she never fit in with my other hens I eventually gave her away to a friend who had a much more welcoming flock. I'm happy to say that she is very happy and finally being included in an established flock, I have been told that she is now laying regularly and is very broody at times. Not great for a small backyard, your neighbors will not be happy if your hen is as loud as a rooster.

    I will say that she was a great forager, very smart, and beautiful to look at. She would regularly escape to the other side of my yard to scavenge. Once I saw her jump on a squirrel and chase it out of the yard. It was hilarious to watch and I appreciated that since squirrels love to steal fruit in the Summer. I want the squirrels to know which yard to avoid ;)
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  2. Jungleexplorer
    "Very Pretty Bird"
    Pros - Beauty, Variety, Good Free Ranger.
    Cons - Reputation and Public Opinion
    The American Game is a wonderful breed of bird. They are beautiful and they come in many different colors. For color and beauty they deserve a five star. But there are some cons to owning them. The biggest con is what other people think about you when they find out you are raising Gamefowl. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this subject and most of them are pretty radical. Say the word American Game in a crowded room and you just might start a fight. Some people wouldn't take an American Game if you gave it to them, while other's value them so high as to ask $500 for a trio of birds. And there are people who will pay it!

    All opinions aside, it is just a chicken. Just like with any other breed of chicken, you will have birds with different attitudes. Some will be more aggressive then others, but not all are this way. In fact today, the breed seems to be calming down a little because breeders are not targeting the aggressive gene. Most people now days raise them for their beauty. Yes, they do lay eggs, but they are not the best layers. As far a meat quality goes, they are edible, but they are very thin birds that won't put on weight no matter how much you feed them and there are much more tastier breeds of chickens you could raise.

    The biggest pro, aside from their beauty, is there free ranging and predator evasion ability. The American Game has very large wings compared to other chicken breeds. Because they are not heavy birds, this gives them the ability to fly extremely well. I have seen birds fly two hundreds yards and glide to the ground over the last fifty yards. They will range far and wide if given room and can fly all the way home if chased by a predator.

    They are very broody birds but they are not very good at hatching eggs and raising chicks. Most are very determined brooders and will go months being broody until they get a nest of eggs. This is a bad thing because hens will literally fight over a nest of eggs and they will not lay eggs while being broody. Some claim to have good success with them as mothers, but my experience has been pretty bad. Last year I gave six American Game hens a dozen eggs each to hatch out. None of them hatch more then five of the twelve eggs. None of the chicks that I let the hens raise survived to adulthood.

    The bottom line is that if you are looking for some good yard art or eye candy, you might like the American Game. As with any other breed, you cannot paint the whole breed with a single brush. Each bird is different. They above comments are from my own personal experience raising over one hundred American Game birds for the last two years in a totally free-range environment on a ten-acre farm. I am sure that you might get different results in a different more controlled environment.
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  3. rocketmail
    omg theyre so beautiful
  4. shiro1
    "good mother but likes to fly"
    Pros - great mother
    Cons - flighty
    very protective
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  5. Paraclete
    "Flighty but beautiful"
    Pros - Birds have random but beautiful looks.
    Cons - Very flighty, and can be aggressive.
    I've had these types of birds for many years, when they lay they lay decently, mine were seasonal layers of small to medium off white eggs. The roosters I've had came in many different colors, but all looked wonderful and held themselves well. Hens varied in colors as well, black to brown, grey to white, wonderful and again random. They were always very flighty though, very alert when out but when they get scared, they'd quickly fly into trees. Also, very noisy especially when held, didn't much care for that.
  6. CalBickieMomma
    "Beautiful, tough birds"
    Pros - Gorgeous and various coloring, hardy, good mothers, tough.
    Cons - Roosters can be aggressive (most I've encountered are more afraid of people than prone to attack them).
    The neighbors behind us raise American Game chickens, so I've been around them my entire life. As a child, my sister and I had two hens and they were great mothers and good pets. We also were given a rooster who was a nice bird - not aggressive towards us at all and his feathers were so gorgeous. Many of our chickens descended from these hens and rooster (mixed breeds).

    As an adult, I rescued a chick from a stray cat and nursed him back to health. He had a large swelling on his side (probably from the cat), that eventually went down. He turned out to be the only rooster who would attack me, even when I held him. Perhaps he was just too comfortable with me or he just had a streak of aggression in his genes. As a baby, he would perch on my shoulder and was sweet.

    I currently have one game hen (rescued from my dogs) and she's in with my bantam rooster. She is comfortable with me, but not nearly as friendly as the laying chicks I raised this summer (probably because I didn't raise her from a chick).
  7. froggiesheins
    "A regal and majestic bird."
    Pros - Smart, fantastic mothers, handsome stags.
    Cons - The crowing can be irritating..
    I fell into a "nest" of game birds when I moved my horse to a private residence stable 5 years ago. OH MY GOODNESS, I love the birds as much as my horse. They were not being taken care of properly and I took over their care. I spend alot of time talking to them and just standing in their aviary when I go to feed and clean. Once they realize you mean them not harm, the hens will talk to you which I find so nice. Hard to catch, but once you do catch them, they are just sweet and friendly.
    Game hens with their chicks have to be the bestest thing EVER! They do guard those chicks with their life and heaven help you if you get too close. I have seen mama keep her chicks till they were as big as her and it is hysterical to watch 6-7 almost full grown chicks all try to squeeze under mama.
    SO glad I am able to get up close and personnal with these birds.
  8. marvin smith
    "Which breed should I pick."
    I'm in processs of getting some more american game chickens. But, I'm having a hard time picking between some redfox greys and Penny Hatches. I've raised redfox greys before and loved them. Any suggestions.
  9. chickengirl152
    "Great Small Beautiful Birds"
    Pros - Sweet Beautiful Good Show birds
    Cons - Can be aggressive
    I used to have some American Game Bantams, now I only have some old English bantams. Anyway for the short time that I had them they were sweet beautiful birds, but watch out they can get without warning aggressive. They were pretty good layers and Once they went broody. I would recommend them for anyone beginners or pros they make great pets and show birds
  10. Nickeyo
    "cool birds"
    Pros - good flyers
    Cons - dunno
    all i know is they a cool chickens[​IMG]

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