American Game

Pros: just overall beauty heat smart protective
Cons: none
I know they come in all colors and appear to be the bird! I would like to know more about these game fowl. Do u have to breed to one color to get that color? do they come variety out of each hatching? Im intreaged.
Pros: VERY smart, excellent forager, sweet to people
Cons: VERY smart, can be aggressive with other birds, jealous
We ended up with a game by accident - it turned out to be a wonderful mistake. Our hen is very loving towards us, likes to snuggle. She becomes very jealous if we hold or pet other hens (or our roos) and will attack them. Despite this, she is generally friendly with the others and likes to spend most of her time alone. She is our cleverest bird, which can be a challenge when we are trying to get everyone back in the coop, she often escapes the pasture, but she is our best forager.

Games are excellent fliers. We've seen her fly over our pasture fences several times, she can easily fly at least 50 yards in one stretch .

Likes to trill when being held. Slow to mature, was nearly 1 year old before laying. Lays 3 or so med white eggs each week.
Pros: Birds have random but beautiful looks.
Cons: Very flighty, and can be aggressive.
I've had these types of birds for many years, when they lay they lay decently, mine were seasonal layers of small to medium off white eggs. The roosters I've had came in many different colors, but all looked wonderful and held themselves well. Hens varied in colors as well, black to brown, grey to white, wonderful and again random. They were always very flighty though, very alert when out but when they get scared, they'd quickly fly into trees. Also, very noisy especially when held, didn't much care for that.
Pros: Very pretty, great foragers
Cons: Flighty
I keep a few around for their beauty. Can be very flighty
Pros: Great mothers, great foragers
Cons: very broody
My games are great when free ranging. When they go broody they are great mothers.
Pros: Decent layer of M/L white eggs, devoted mothers, GREAT foragers
Cons: Can be... mean or flighty
You won't find a better mother than a game hen. Diligent setters and will guard the chicks with their lives. I had one so determined she would roll eggs several feet to her own nest. The boys are just as persistent in maintaining their flock and will guard it till death and take on predators.

EXCELLENT fliers, I watched a hen shoot 40 feet into the air when startled. They can be mean and flighty, and they do not trust strangers. They can tame down once they know who to trust. When they are not broody they are decent layers.

They forage quite well and tend to be savvy birds. They will sleep in trees if they don't think the coop is safe, if given the choice. When a hen has chicks, give her a wide berth. That's where they differ from a Silkie... a sweet Silkie hen will get the brooding done, but a game hen will be the more intense mother.
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