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  1. marvin smith
    "Which breed should I pick."
    I'm in processs of getting some more american game chickens. But, I'm having a hard time picking between some redfox greys and Penny Hatches. I've raised redfox greys before and loved them. Any suggestions.
  2. chickengirl152
    "Great Small Beautiful Birds"
    Pros - Sweet Beautiful Good Show birds
    Cons - Can be aggressive
    I used to have some American Game Bantams, now I only have some old English bantams. Anyway for the short time that I had them they were sweet beautiful birds, but watch out they can get without warning aggressive. They were pretty good layers and Once they went broody. I would recommend them for anyone beginners or pros they make great pets and show birds
  3. Jungleexplorer
    "Very Pretty Bird"
    Pros - Beauty, Variety, Good Free Ranger.
    Cons - Reputation and Public Opinion
    The American Game is a wonderful breed of bird. They are beautiful and they come in many different colors. For color and beauty they deserve a five star. But there are some cons to owning them. The biggest con is what other people think about you when they find out you are raising Gamefowl. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this subject and most of them are pretty radical. Say the word American Game in a crowded room and you just might start a fight. Some people wouldn't take an American Game if you gave it to them, while other's value them so high as to ask $500 for a trio of birds. And there are people who will pay it!

    All opinions aside, it is just a chicken. Just like with any other breed of chicken, you will have birds with different attitudes. Some will be more aggressive then others, but not all are this way. In fact today, the breed seems to be calming down a little because breeders are not targeting the aggressive gene. Most people now days raise them for their beauty. Yes, they do lay eggs, but they are not the best layers. As far a meat quality goes, they are edible, but they are very thin birds that won't put on weight no matter how much you feed them and there are much more tastier breeds of chickens you could raise.

    The biggest pro, aside from their beauty, is there free ranging and predator evasion ability. The American Game has very large wings compared to other chicken breeds. Because they are not heavy birds, this gives them the ability to fly extremely well. I have seen birds fly two hundreds yards and glide to the ground over the last fifty yards. They will range far and wide if given room and can fly all the way home if chased by a predator.

    They are very broody birds but they are not very good at hatching eggs and raising chicks. Most are very determined brooders and will go months being broody until they get a nest of eggs. This is a bad thing because hens will literally fight over a nest of eggs and they will not lay eggs while being broody. Some claim to have good success with them as mothers, but my experience has been pretty bad. Last year I gave six American Game hens a dozen eggs each to hatch out. None of them hatch more then five of the twelve eggs. None of the chicks that I let the hens raise survived to adulthood.

    The bottom line is that if you are looking for some good yard art or eye candy, you might like the American Game. As with any other breed, you cannot paint the whole breed with a single brush. Each bird is different. They above comments are from my own personal experience raising over one hundred American Game birds for the last two years in a totally free-range environment on a ten-acre farm. I am sure that you might get different results in a different more controlled environment.
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  4. RingedTeal
    "Wouldn't trade them for anything"
    Pros - Great mothers,Great free rangers,and protective
    Cons - Roosters are agressive towards each other
    I've had them since I could crawl.They where my first birds and will be my last birds!The roosters and hens are very protective of the chicks and they will fight off any predator four-legged or two-legged.You can't beat them for free rangers or broodys.The only thing is you have to seperate the stags at about6 months or you'll end up with one or two less birds!
  5. Matthew3590
    "Great all around fowl"
    Pros - Hardy, Easy to handle, Great free rangers, Protective mothers, lay well, medium sized eggs, broody often and roosters are protective of the young.
    Cons - Roosters are aggressive towards one another.
    American Gamefowl are one of the most historical birds in America's history. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were some of the most important people in America's history and they also owned American Gamefowl.

    This breed is arguably the most varied breed of all chickens. American Games can come in any color possible in the chicken spectrum. The roosters can be multi-colored showing colors from red,gold,white, and black all on the same bird.

    The hens lay well during the breeding season with an egg every day or every other day. They go broody often and are the best mothers out of any chicken breed. Hens and Roosters will fight off any predator four legged or two in order to save their young. On cold winter days you will find the rooster will chics under his wings as they roost for the night ready to pounce on any animal.

    The roosters are some of the most docile chickens towards their owners. They are very flighty when not exposed to human contact often and very rarely will you find one willing to flog a human. With that said there are bad apples in every group. Roosters are commonly kept on tie chords or in their own pen since they will try to attack any rooster of any breed that gets near him or his ladies.

    In conclusion the American Game is one of the best breeds if not the best breed of chickens to own. Every chicken owner should have one in there flock whether it be a rooster or a hen.
  6. Nickeyo
    "cool birds"
    Pros - good flyers
    Cons - dunno
    all i know is they a cool chickens[​IMG]
  7. Cadjien_De_Louisiane
    "Love American Games"
    Pros - Hearty, most stags/cocks easily handle
    Cons - can't think of any
    I raise American Gamefowl, Sweater Blood Line and I prefer them over any demestic egg layer. The stags and cocks are easy to handle, hens not so much. Very hearty, they can take extreme cold and heat also deseases very well, just a strong bird very alert. Hens go broody very easy and are very protective of there chicks.
  8. Darkjeweler
    "Fun, Noisy, Protective, Flighty"
    Pros - Great Mothers, Good Looks, Very Hearty
    Cons - Great Mothers, a little loud
    I bought a pair of Hatch Hens and their 9 chicks at an auction. I had never dealt with Games before. The mothers were very loud and protective of the babies and would attack any bird that got within a 5 ft radius. This was a little dissapointing considering my aviary has lots of birds that all walk and mostly get along together. These two girls had all the other domestic birds so terrified, that they all stayed on the opposite side of the aviary. The new girls even attacked me at first, but that behavior was quickly corrected (non-violently). After a few days I had to take the chicks away, and the mothers calmed down within a day or so and are now a lot friendlier and easier to deal with. Pretty birds.

    The new girls did make the mistake of picking on the grown Guinea hens. We did have a little pecking-order fight a couple of times and the girls now know that you don't mess with the Guineas.

    The chicks were brought into the house and are currently being raised there. The chicks are real sweet and curious. They love to be picked up and cuddled. They will go back outside in a few weeks.
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  9. rocketmail
    omg theyre so beautiful
  10. shiro1
    "good mother but likes to fly"
    Pros - great mother
    Cons - flighty
    very protective
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