Automatic 2 Liter Hanging Bottle Chicken Cup Water

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    Ready to hang in a coop with S hooks
    for easy install
    Hang inside the coop as a way to keep chickens on cup waterers during winter.
    The automatic cups allow water to flow when chickens drink. As they drink, the valve releases more water so no water is wasted but the chickens always have access to water.
    Saves space by not hanging in the middle of the coop. Keep on the wall and easily move to area that works best.
    To fill, unscrew cap and fill bottle, then reattach cap and hang.
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  1. BellevueOmlet
    "Great for quick watering and moving around"
    Pros - easy to use, no setup, easy to move
    Cons - small size - 2 liter
    I use several around my coop since they can easily attach to the coop wire and be movced around. When it is freezing in the winter, I move them inside the heated coop so the water does not freeze.
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