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Automatic Baby Chick Fount - 2525

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  1. TimLewallen
    "Easy setup, solid construction and the birds love"
    Pros - Easy setup, maintenance free, hassle free watering
    Cons - You have to buy an adapter to mount it to a standard water hose.
    I was tired of having to take the usual hanging waterer to refill it a couple of times a day so I looked into automatic systems. This is much easier to setup and cheaper to buy ($25 on Amazon) than the usual nipple systems.

    I bought a $5 adapter to connect it to a water hose and hung it in the coop. It was easy and the birds took to it immediately.

    It is easy to adjust the water level, easy to clean and is worry free. I highly recommend it.

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  2. nomoneycanrepla
    "nice idea"
    Pros - base is strong material and real copper
    Cons - your flock could end up dehydrated
    This was an expensive mistake. It was such a good design to provide clean, fresh water for our flock. However, the way the hose attached wasn't practical. They didn't figure out how to use it.
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  1. coop410silkies
    I used one of these in my coop, and my girls used it, but it was a bit clumsy to set up in a small brooder. Also, it cannot be used where temperatures range below freezing, and the water gets messy in side coops. It CAN be used outside in the summer, where it can be gravity fed from a large container (a barrel, i.e.), and stay pretty clean, and they are fairly nice for that.

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