Avian Aqua Miser Chicken nipple watering system

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  • A nipple-watering system that keeps chicken water clean and available. I bought the DIY version.
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  1. Abriana
    "Great waterer!"
    Pros - Easy to clean-and stays clean for a while
    doesn't get dirty as easily as others
    chickens take to it quickly
    they can't kick shavings or dirt into it!
    Cons - They don't get a lot of water from it. I usually have a second waterer for them because this one is a bit harder to drink from
    I use this waterer but i noticed that they stand at the nipples for a long time drinking because they don't get a lot at one time. I usually set out a second option for them that allows them to drink more easily, but it couldn't be my overall watering system because it is too small. This waterer stays clean for most of the time, and you can put a lid on it to prevent it from getting stuff in it. it is also easy to clean. The best thing about this watering system? They can't kick shavings into it! I used to be out there cleaning out waterers every hour or two. Drove me nuts. Also, they take to it quickly and use it without much teaching.
  2. red hen in the rain
    "DIY kit to make chicken waterer using nipple..."
    Pros - Sturdy, easy to make, chickens like it, water stays clean, lots of options.
    Cons - None.
    I bought the Do-It-Yourself kit that includes: three nipples, hanging wires, the drill bit, instruction sheet and DVD with even more info. Within an hour of receiving my kit, i had a clean 5-gallon bucket hung in the coop with 2 nipples installed on the bottom (saving the other one to make another container) and the chickens were curiously pecking at the nipple fixtures and quickly figuring out the WATER!!!!. I screened the top of my bucket with hardware cloth and a bandana to keep peeps and dust out, you may want to use a lid. I did not use the hanging wires in assembling the kit since my bucket already had a handle, but 3 sturdy pieces of wire will be handy for something.
    It's a small envelope for $35, but the completeness, simplicity, convenience and cleanliness of this system are entirely worth it. You will need a power drill, and I do advise getting the kit that includes the drill bit, as the hole is then perfectly sized with no leaks in the finished installation.
    Fast shipping - small business.
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  1. redneckgranny
    I have seen this before and tried to find me some but never did. Do you know where I can get the nipples from, That is all I need. We have buckets now need nipples. email [email protected] . THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  2. red hen in the rain
    I put mine on the bottoms of 5-gal buckets hung various places; no PVC pipes or pressure. Until the chickens figured it out there was a lot of peck -peck-peck - drop hitting the floor. BUt now that they figured it out, the drop goes mostly in the beak. I still have founts out too, the chickens use both. Some don't like the nipple, others use it a lot. I didn't want to take open water completely out of the picture. I also have a small creek, access to plentiful water is no problem here on the wet side of Oregon. Lucky that way.
  3. bruceha2000
    Have you found it to be fairly 'dry'? I watched a video of chickens drinking from nipples in PVC pipe and it looked like 10 times a much water hit the ground than the birds mouth when they pushed the nipple. I don't know if that one was pressure or just a container located outside the coop but it looked like the "keep the water in the chickens instead of all over the ground" purpose of nipples vs hanging "container over tray" type waterer was lost.

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