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Ayam Cemani Chicken

Average User Rating:
  • A black boned chicken from Indonesia.
  • dacae0c0_522019_288898671235362_554780224_n.jpeg 7b4e4051_2015-03-2518.33.26.jpeg f20f015d_2015-02-0512.22.16.jpeg 77e02824_2015-02-0512.25.52.jpeg 5cec1cb4_image.jpeg

  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:


    Broodiness: Not typically broody

    Climate Tolerance:

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity:

    Egg Size:

    Egg Color: Light Brown to White

    Breed Temperament:

    Breed Colors / Varieties: All Black

    Breed Details:

    Chicken Breed Photos:

    Primary Image






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Recent User Reviews

  1. Ayam onthe Farm
    Pros - Just about everything.
    Cons - Egg Production.
    It takes a little effort to get the perfect Ayam Cemani rooster, but when you see one of these incredible birds crowing from his favorite roosting spot, it is all worth it. An absolutely stunning bird.
  2. Peep-Chicken
    "Pretty bird, but skittish"
    Pros - Unique
    Cons - Fliers
    I got my Cemanis as adults. I bet if I raised them from chicks they would be more friendly. They're really pretty and quiet. They like to forage so they don't eat as much as my other hens. They sure are a pain to get in the coop when it's time to be put away though!
  3. notcat
    "Love my Ayam boy. Sweet, friendly and comical"
    Pros - Very inquisitive, patient, cuddly.
    Cons - Very strong winged. Could be a flier
    After doing much volunteering at my daughter's ex-primary school with their huge flock of free range chickens the head gave us 4 chicks. 2 turned out to be boys. Poppy our AC was one of them. Rose, the other male, was returned to the school but my daughter sobbed that she couldn't possibly be parted from Poppy. They have a very strong bond. So here he is.

    He will follow my 11 year old daughter to the ends of the earth and back. He is nice to the chickens. He is absolutely gorgeous and just loves to be cuddled, I had no idea that cockerels could be so very gentle. He doesn't seem to mind whether he is in our house or in their enclosure (we will free range them soon, just finishing up chicken-proofing it) I have read that ACs are quite flighty and our boy Poppy (his girl-name just stuck) does have very powerful wings, so we'll probably have to trim one soon to keep him contained.

User Comments

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  1. Lisa Wood
    Love the true black on black. Just lovely.
  2. 0wen
  3. Dubrovnik
    Are these the same birds that Murray McMurray sells as Sumatras?
    1. Ayam onthe Farm
      Ayam onthe Farm, Jun 7, 2017
  4. Dubrovnik
  5. katiedarling
    @Honora that's a good one! love it.

    @notcat I just came from a breeder's place where I was picking up some chicks and she had one there. And some babies that had just hatched recently. I wanted so badly to bring one home! Poppy is beautiful!
  6. Honora
    You could change the spelling to Papi, lol. He is gorgeous!
  7. Rhodebar Lover
    What a sweet little guy

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