Ayam Cemani Chicken

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  • A black boned chicken from Indonesia.
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    Broodiness: Not typically broody

    Climate Tolerance:

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    Egg Productivity:

    Egg Size:

    Egg Color: Light Brown to White

    Breed Temperament:

    Breed Colors / Varieties: All Black

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Recent User Reviews

  1. sunflour
    I have never seen this breed, so different and gorgeous.
  2. KayTee
    "Beautiful but nervous birds"
    Pros - They look fantastic!
    Cons - Extremely nervous breed.
    I have three Ayam Cemani birds that were hatched this spring by a broody Bielefelder. She has hatched me a couple of dozen chicks over the last three years, and these are the only ones that have ever turned out to be so nervous, so I have to assume that it's the breed, and not the way they were raised.

    However they are beautiful birds, with a calm (if very nervous) nature. I have two pullets and a rooster, who started to crow at 7 weeks old! He crowed half a dozen times over a couple of weeks, then stopped, and didn't start again until he was over 4 months old. He has just started mounting the hens, and he is very gentle with them - not agressive in any way. He is braver than his sisters, and will happily come and eat out of my hand, although I can only touch him when he is on the roost at night. His two sisters are very flighty - scared of their own shadows, and need a lot of persuading to even eat out of my hand.
  3. Ayam onthe Farm
    Pros - Just about everything.
    Cons - Egg Production.
    It takes a little effort to get the perfect Ayam Cemani rooster, but when you see one of these incredible birds crowing from his favorite roosting spot, it is all worth it. An absolutely stunning bird.

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  1. Crooked path
    My 1st hen is the most friendly of my flock! She sprints to the door of the run whenever we get close and insists on her offering of dried meal worms. Just got a rooster who's pretty stable and nice. Overall, pretty impressed with their temperament.
  2. IamCemini
    I love my Ayam Hen and her halfblood brother. My little hen has a disability, but she is smart, lively, and opinionated.
  3. rossfam06
    I love my Ayams! If they are raised by constant people, held, fed, played with, etc, they are less flighty. Mine have no issues being held and are super sweet. I have not had one mean rooster yet!
  4. Abriana
    That last review is so sweet!
    Really striking birds!
  5. Lisa Wood
    Love the true black on black. Just lovely.
  6. 0wen
  7. Dubrovnik
    Are these the same birds that Murray McMurray sells as Sumatras?
    1. Ayam onthe Farm
      Ayam onthe Farm, Jun 7, 2017
  8. Dubrovnik
  9. katiedarling
    @Honora that's a good one! love it.

    @notcat I just came from a breeder's place where I was picking up some chicks and she had one there. And some babies that had just hatched recently. I wanted so badly to bring one home! Poppy is beautiful!
  10. Honora
    You could change the spelling to Papi, lol. He is gorgeous!

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