Ayam Cemani

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    Climate Tolerance:
    Egg Productivity:
    ± 70 eggs annually
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    Cream to tan
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    Large fowl

    Mystical, unusual, rare and shrouded in mystery, the Ayam Cemani breed is hard to ignore, or forget, once seen in the flesh. The word "Cemani" means "total black" and best describes this unusual breed that is rumoured to be black as tar right down to it's organs! Pure Cemanis sport black combs, wattles, skins and feathers. A look inside their mouths should show a black tongue as well.

    Originally from Indonesia, off the island of Java, the breed is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about the origin of the breed, except that they have been used for centuries by warriors and shamans as sacrifices, or to bring good luck and wealth to their owners. The breed was reintroduced to Europe by a Dutch breeder by the name of Jan Steverink and has since been introduced to the United States as well. Pure Cemanis are highly sought after and steadily gaining popularity with breeders in Europe, the UK and USA.

    Ayam Cemani egg

    Ayam Cemani chicks

    Ayam Cemani juvenile

    Ayam Cemani hens

    Ayam Cemani rooster

    For more information on this breed and their owners' and breeders' experiences with them, see our breed discussion here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/chicken-breed-focus-ayam-cemani.1072107/
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    Broodiness: Not typically broody

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    Egg Color: Light Brown to White

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    Breed Colors / Varieties: All Black

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Virginia and James
    Pros - Beautiful
    Cons - Loud
    Egg production
    Even with the cons, I still give my Ayam Cemani 5 stars. Roosters are gentlemen; smart, wary, prolific. Hens are drama queens, for sure! Egg song goes on and on...
    Such pretty birds, definitely worth an investment. True Cemani are relatively uncommon in the States still. Do your research into your breeder!
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  2. FrizzleFrizz
    "Weird breed"
    Pros - curious
    hen is friendly
    Cons - rooster is not friendly at all
    I have 2 ayams, Phil (roo) and Lil (hen) they were sooo funny as chicks, I'd let them out during the summer when they were growing up while I cleaned the coop everyday, and they'd jump on my back and chill- then they stopped once they got bigger (like 7-9 weeks) and Phil turned skiddish, and so did Lily. For a good while they both never wanted pets, and Phil is/was on the bottom of the pecking order. Currently Phil still is at the bottom of the pecking order because he tries to fight all my hens, and he's still skiddish, as for Lily she's actually pretty friendly again, and she loves occasional pets, as for eggs they not super big.
  3. SheppardRanch
    "Great Birds!!"
    Pros - Beautiful docile relatively sturdy and cold tolerant
    Cons - Smaller eggs=smaller chicks and can get trampled easier if mixed with larger chicks in brooder
    We have bred and sold them for a couple of years now and they are really wonderful birds. Obviously beautiful but also more docile and cold hearty than one might assume from their exotic.


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  1. tonsofchickens66
    who is the best breeder to get this breed from at a reasonable price?
  2. RodNTN
    Great breed! I have to disagree with you about their broodiness, though- they are my broodiest birds!
  3. SheppardRanch
    We have bred and sold them for a couple of years now and they are really wonderful birds. Obviously beautiful but also more docile and cold hearty than one might assume from their exotic.
    1. treegirl65
      I'm looking into this breed to raise ... I'm intrigued with them! Other than for fun, do you raise them for their dark meat??
      treegirl65, Dec 10, 2018
  4. Crooked path
    My 1st hen is the most friendly of my flock! She sprints to the door of the run whenever we get close and insists on her offering of dried meal worms. Just got a rooster who's pretty stable and nice. Overall, pretty impressed with their temperament.
    1. Gootsis
      Who was the breeder you bought them from?
      Gootsis, Jan 23, 2018
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  5. IamCemini
    I love my Ayam Hen and her halfblood brother. My little hen has a disability, but she is smart, lively, and opinionated.
  6. rossfam06
    I love my Ayams! If they are raised by constant people, held, fed, played with, etc, they are less flighty. Mine have no issues being held and are super sweet. I have not had one mean rooster yet!
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    1. LauraQ
      What breeder did you get your Ayams from?
      LauraQ, Jan 24, 2018
  7. Abriana
    That last review is so sweet!
    Really striking birds!
  8. Lisa Wood
    Love the true black on black. Just lovely.
  9. 0wen
  10. Dubrovnik
    Are these the same birds that Murray McMurray sells as Sumatras?
    1. Ayam onthe Farm
      Ayam onthe Farm, Jun 7, 2017

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