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  • Using the same "suffocant"[​IMG] formula as our Douse That Louse but at a greater concentration!

    FTM kills Red Mite, Scaly Mite & other insect pests, and reduces the Hatch-ability of Mite, fly & Tick eggs.
    It also makes your pet less attractive to pests.

    Simply add to water & spray all the nooks & cracks as well as any visible Red Mite. For Red Mite control its best used after dusk, spray directly onto any Red Mite. As a precaution remove Chickens whist spraying, so they don't get it into their eyes!

    Use Every Other Night When Mites are a problem, and Watch the Red Mite population Dwindle ( Can be used In Combination With Diatomaceous Earth on alternative Nights). Insects such as red mite may take upto 24 Hours to kill.

    Or use during the day, If you can find where the Mites are nesting!

    For Scale mite ONLY use on Legs, start at a lesser Dilution of 5ml Per Litre, Use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) Or Olive Oil, on the chickens legs after Legs have Dried, as Ingredients Can dry out
    This product has been successfully used on carpets for Ticks, Fleas
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  1. hippiestink
    "Kills mites and lice in ONE application"
    Pros - Fast-acting, mostly organic, effective
    Cons - Smells strongly of citronella, needs heat and time to work
    My coop had red mites all over it, and in Belgium our feeds stores mostly just stock feed, waterers, feeders, and some small bits and bobs. The internet was my only resort if I wanted to find a treatment for my chickens. I found Back To The Land UK through their Ebay store, and since they had a quality seller stamp and a high shop and product rating I decided to give it a go and bought the mite treatment.

    It took FOREVER to get here, a full ten days past the estimated delivery date. Shipped quickly, but took a while to show up. But it did show up; the product comes in a 100 mL bottle and is a concentrated dark green (almost black) goo that you dilute in warm water, 10-15 mL per liter of water. Instructions are included with the shipment, and also are printed on the bottle. The product is a proprietary formula so no complete ingredient list is included, but the seller was happy to address my concerns and told me the main ingredient is citronella and plant extracts. It smells VERY strongly of citronella, and the dark green of it makes me inclined to believe them. It must be used on a warm day, and it takes 20 minutes to kill the mites and lice.

    Since the day it arrived was the warmest day with nice weather we'll be getting in autumn, I completely cleaned out the coop again, mixed up three liters of the stuff, and sprayed it on.

    WOW. The red mites stopped moving, turned black, and shriveled up right before my eyes! I am NOT joking, it only took one application and the mites were dead. The product says to spray every other day until the mites are totally gone, but this stuff killed them in one go! They've made this Belgian homesteader a believer, I'm not buying any other product for my birds ever. It's even safe for use as a louse dip on the birds, so I'll order more before next spring and use it for our annual louse dip and mite check. I highly endorse this product if you want a mostly organic and effective product. Still applying and I'm still wowed by how the mites are nearly all gone.

    EDIT: If you're interested in buying, the listing is here:

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  1. yawningreyhound
    That is so cool!!!!! I'll bet the reapplication is to get all the life cycles...I think ... well, let me go research you go:
    Eggs are laid in crevices in the housing. Eggs are pearly white and oval, approx 0.4mm x 0.25mm. After 2-3 days, in warm conditions (longer in cooler weather), the eggs hatch into 6-legged larvae. Within 24 hours, the larvae moult into 8-legged prontonymphs, which start to feed on the roosting birds. Prontonymphs then moult into deutonymphs, which continue to feed, before moulting again to become adult male or female red mite. In warm, favourable conditions, this whole life-cycle can be completed within seven to ten days,

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