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  1. Cacique500
    "Choose another builder!"
    Cons - Extremely poor communication, no-show on scheduled dates
    Just a warning for the peeps in Georgia. This is a custom builder in Georgia that I was trying to get to build me a new coop/run. The business NEVER answers it's phone, so you have to try texting or emailing for any kind of response. If you're lucky, and after a delay of a day to several days you might get an email or text back. Started emailing/texting in March 2015. Finally got to where we could schedule a build in early May. Took a week of vacation, and the guy doesn't show (death in his family...understandable). Reschedule for two weeks later, took two more days of vacation, guy doesn't show. No calls, no explanation. Have a feeling that if you ever needed warranty from these people you'd be S.O.L. I would recommend you look elsewhere for a builder - that's what we're going to do. After two months and a lot of lost vacation they're not going to be getting $1 from me.

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  1. stvcoops
    I really wish that we were able to make our deliveries to the Eastern/Southern U.S. San Tan Valley Coops in Arizona is our company, and I always try to insure that our emails and calls are completed same day. It's a bummer when other folks ruin it for the reputable ones. How popular are chickens in Georgia? We may be willing to take a truck load up there? Or fly my husband out your way to build them on the spot. Let us know
  2. PapaChaz
    yeah me too. You went way farther than I would have, heck a business that won't answer the phone when I try to give them my business sure won't answer it for warranty work, they don't get that many chances to get my money
  3. hellbender
    PS...I can spell...I'm just lazy today. lol
  4. hellbender
    You went a bunch farther than I would have. Non return of the first or perhaps second phone call woud have put me totaly off.

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