bantam ameraucana

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    bantam ameraucanas are a rare-er breed which there is not many of they lay blue to green eggs
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  1. Alexandra33
    "Would give them 10 stars if I could!"
    Pros - Tiny, beautiful, easy to care for, good with children, surprisingly good layers, friendly, and just about everything else about them is a pro!
    Cons - None at all.
    I ordered two straight run, exhibition-quality Wheaten Ameraucana bantams from Eagle Nest Poultry in March of this year, and the lady who handed the box over told us that they had hatched a week earlier than the rest of the bantams in our order. Despite having gone without human interaction for the first week of their lives, both warmed up to people immediately. You would never have known! As time went on, it became apparent by the dark shoulder patches coming in on one and soft blonde on the other that I was blessed with a little cockerel and pullet - a pair. Now they are both pretty much grown, matured, and wonderful in every aspect I can think of.
    First off, let's start with my little girl, Selah. [​IMG] She is possibly the sweetest, most loving miniature we have, as well as slightly fiery when the situation calls for it. [​IMG] Her favorite place to relax happens to be in my lap, where she becomes limp like a ragdoll. Even though we got her for fun, as a pet rather than one of the laying hens, she works very hard to give us a powder blue egg nearly every day. Children love her, adults love her, elderly love her, so you can say she is quite the favorite! I even brought her in the house once wearing a bantam-sized, pink camo diaper. [​IMG] I can't say enough about my strawberry blonde midget whom I love SO dearly and plan to for as long as she lives.
    As for Ling, the young, 8-month-old roo, I can't possibly put in enough good words for him! He's practically an angel, and always has been even during his "rough" months of maturing. He's EXTREMELY polite, gentle, and loving towards his devoted little group of bantam girls who think he is their world. He rarely ever wingdances at them, and when he tidbits, he doesn't use it to his advantage like all the other roos we've ever kept. He simply shows them a treat, then walks away in search of more. No big surprise, his girls are not damaged in the least. And not only this, but he's fabulous with people of all ages, even tiny, toddling 1-year-olds. Never once has he ever shown any signs of aggression towards anybody. Ling is truly my most precious baby boy, and because of his amazing disposition, he's got a forever home with us. [​IMG]
  2. TJChickens
    "Cute little blue egg layers with fluffy cheeks!"
    Pros - Blue eggs, hens are gentle. Tolerate heat and cold well.
    Cons - Some roosters are aggressive. Youngsters are a bit flighty until they're used to things.
    One of my favorite breeds ever! I have been raising chickens for 30 years and this breed is here to stay. I love the color variations and the big eyes and fluffy cheeks. The hens are adorable and are good layers occasionally going broody. The roosters are sometimes aggressive, but not terribly so. They do protect their hens well and I keep several roosters together and they don't fight. The reason I first got them was for the beautiful blue eggs they lay! They are also heat and cold hearty.
  3. yardbird88
    Pros - Quiet
    Cons - Gets scared easily, flighty
    I had a flock of five bantams and this one was very flighty it would take off for any small movement while all the other birds would just stare at her. If I was giving out treats she would be the last to come up to me or would just take the scraps the other birds would leave. Besides that she's a very quiet bird hadn't gotten any eggs out of her but it's only been 4 months.
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  1. jerrey
  2. jerrey
    I have 5 and I really love them I can't believe how large there eggs are they are not as big as my other chickens I have 35 chickens al together
  3. Coykoi
    They're beautiful!
  4. hashworld
    Very cute chicks with wonderful personalities :)
  5. ShellyBear
    I can love how cute little blue and green eggs would be.
  6. Two Chicksahs
    Our Banty EE or Ameraucana "Bikini" is quite simply adorable! She is very curious and is not at all afraid of me although she doesn't like to be held. She makes the funniest little noises! So far we haven't had a eggs from her but we really get a kick out of her. She gets a treat and tears out of there so none of the regular sized gals or pullets can get to it. She is very fast! She loves mealworms! I chose her to see what it would be like to have a Bantam EE and to make comparisons. She has character and then some! Very clever and friendly! Eventually we may get another banty Amerauca but probably not for several years.

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