Bantam Barred Rock

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  • The Barred Rock is a single comb, clean legged variety that originated in the U.S. Friendly disposition & cold hardy.

    Weight: Female-32 oz. Male-36 oz. (strombergs)
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  1. 0wen
    "Amazing Birds"
    Pros - Friendly, curious, docile, productive, good mothers
    I purchased a dozen exhibition quality barred rock bantams from Dick Horstman in April 2016. Almost a year old as of this writing and I'm 100% pleased. The entirety of the remaining flock (5 hens, 1 rooster) are some of the friendliest birds I've owned. The few I sent to other homes give similar reviews when I see them and everyone who got by extra cockerels last year are on a waiting list to get more of this years hatch when available. They've proven cold hearty as I winter them in an open air hoop coop with no heat, only a huddle box to get out of the wind and we had single digit weather this past winter (below 0 with wind chill) and there were no issue of illness, injury, frost damage, etc.

    They are consistent layers for bantams and I get 4-5 eggs/week from each pullet on average. The rooster is friendly, as are the hens, and all can be handled by my 9 year old without issue. They're currently housed with my general flock and get along well with more than half a dozen large fowl hens and a large fowl rooster (my Svart Hona, also a great gentle breed). I'll be moving them into their own coop this spring (building it now) to establish a breeding program, and will be adding another order from Horstman to give some lineage variety to my current stock.
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  1. dheltzel
    @BIggoMamma there are many "lines" of barred rocks, both bantam and large fowl and some lines are bred for exhibition, which requires very crisp barring to win. Many of these show lines have amazing patterning, like the picture above. I must say, they are even more impressive "in person", the pics fail to capture the effect when they move.
    The lines that are not bred for showing have much fuzzier lines, more like a cuckoo pattern, but are often more productive layers. This is a great example of how important choosing your starting birds can be. If you want the beautiful, crisp pattern, do not get hatchery chicks, but buy from a reputable breeder. The breeder chicks are much more expensive, but they will look like you want them to, and also you will be financially supporting the breeder who uses sales to pay for feed and other basic expenses.
  2. BIggoMamma
    What a pretty chicken. The feather pattern is more distinct than most barred rocks.

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