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    Feather Legged
    Sweet little people in cuddly feather suits.
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  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose: ornamental

    Comb: Single

    Broodiness: Frequent

    Climate Tolerance: Tolerant in cold weather.

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: Poor

    Egg Size: small

    Egg Color: light brown to white

    Breed Temperament:
    Friendly, docile, easily handled, quiet,

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    Buff, Lace, Black, White, Mottled, Lemon Blue, Etc.

    Breed Details:
    Cock should be about 30 oz and hens should be about 26 oz. The Cochin breed was imported to England from China in the 19th Century.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. LilJoe
    "Good Layers, Sweet Birds"
    Cons - NONE
  2. DossFunnyFarm
    "Great Layers, Sweet Natured Bird"
    Pros - Good Layers, small / med eggs, get along well with other, pretty, not messy at least mine are clean, great parnets
    These are a fave of mine, they are smaller, easy to care for, clean (dont poop on eggs) friendly, really good mommas
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  3. nightowl223
    "Best parents I've had in any breed of chicken!"
    Pros - Disposition, variety of colors they're available in, excellent brooders and parents
    Cons - Their eggs aren't as big as large fowl, of course. No other cons!
    I have had Banty Cochins for several years, and would never want to do without them. They are friendly, beautiful, and great parents. I especially love the Frizzled variety of Banty Cochins, and my favorite hen ever was a Blue Frizzled Banty Cochin (I miss her to this day! RIP Sweetie!), who would mother chicks whether she hatched them or not. [​IMG]
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  1. horselove
    Hi I have a small coop and two full size chickens who I was planning to show, but both have acquired blemishes that prevent that... I don't have a big enough coop for another two full-size chickens, and I wanted to get two bantams that can handle cold temps and bear confinement well... looks like my search ends here! My only problem is the hatcheries have a massive shipping cost, not to mention the cost of a female...
    I might split an order with a friend so they'll have some friends in the brooder and to meet the shipping requirement.
  2. PoultreeKing
    Very friendly, they lay 2-4 small eggs a week, very beautiful and quiet calm birds.
  3. catandmilkart
    We LOVE our new bantam cochin, Pequita. After having OEG bantams, she seems really domesticated; she doesn't even like to eat worms! However, she has only laid two eggs in a month. Maybe its just because she's young and her "cycle" hasn't regulated yet? What is the usual egg count with these ladies?
  4. Heno
    Had a cochin rooster and two hens. However, he was very healthy and happy, but unfortunately, died suddenly. Miss my handsome guy, he was a pet. My concern is for his tiny hen that was so bonded to him.
    Have her with another small hen, but for their safety would like to put them with another rooster. I have a band of several medium size roosters, but they are larger than the Bantam hen. Due to the mating, will I be putting my little hen at serious risk.??? Due to having many roosters, did not want to have to buy a Bantam rooster for these two hens. Would appreciate any advice.
  5. kajira
    My cochin rooster is a *great* daddy. He protected our chicks with a broody and he's not a greedy fellow with the girls, he lets an EE roo hang out as long as he's respectful towards the girls.
  6. sshrader
    I have heard good reviews GoLittleChicks. I had one on my rooster for awhile. Takes them a day or 2 to get use to it.
  7. golittlechicks
    I used up too much space describing my experience with my small flock of Cochins and white silkies. Could not have success with the ladies hatching,so bought eggs from Texas and N,Carolina.Mildly successful i ended up with 3 cochin ladies One a frizzle and a cochin rooster(Henry). Henry has turned out to be a beauty and very watchful of his flock. Not mean at all. His crowing is loud,early, forceful and often which annoys our country neighbors.I am going to have to find another home for him. I am forced to try a "no crow collar" to keep him.
    Has any one had experience with them?They do not appear to be abusive. But he is such a member of our flock, finds food for them,protects them ,that we are sad to lose him.
  8. Tacampbell1973
    I started four years ago with four 1 week old Gold Laced Bantam chicks. Was hoping One boy and three girls. Nope. Exact opposite. Three young men and one lady, Here four years later and over 200 chickens later (not all at once) I still have my original 4. They have been so much fun! We gave them their first crickets at one month old. I never laughed so hard in my life! The female (Pepper) has not gone broody much, I really only remember one time. Her daughters and granddaughters sure do though. All in all a super all around bird, excellent first time pet, and super lap warmer.
  9. Cluckcluck1215
    N i c e I g u e s s.(s o r r y I ' m s p e l l I n g t h I s w a y I t 's f u n)
  10. Wanex
    She's really pretty, is she flighty ?

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