Barred Rock

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  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    Kind, Skiddish
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Black and white stripes
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    APA/ABA Class:
    Very tame nice breed that gives you big beautiful brown eggs. They aren't that loud and the roosters are mostly not mean.

    Looking for a great dual-purpose bird? Being a quintessential rock-solid American farm breed, the Barred Rock is the best choice for any small or big scale flockster. The first appearances of the Barred Rock were in the 19th century where it was developed by the breeder John C. Bennett using crosses of Dominiques, Black Javas, Cochins, Malays, and Dorkings. This fine fowl became a breed in 1849 and is the origin of all Plymouth Rock breeds. Since then it has been prized for its hardiness, docility, broodiness, friendship, sex-ability at any age, and excellent production of both eggs and meat. The overall appearance of the Barred Rock is a long, broad back, a moderately deep, full breast, and yellow skin and legs. The face of the typical Barred Rock usually is red with red ear lobes, adorn with a bright yellow beak and flashing bay-colored eyes, and topped with a magnificent, moderate sized comb. Much like the Cuckoo Maran, it has sharply defined parallel bars of dark gray and silver (Or for a hen, black and white) which give it the best camouflage of all colors against the eye of the predator. Being amongst the predecessors of the new meat high bird, the Cornish Cross broiler, the Barred Rock is a faster growing bird and the cocks can reach full butcher weight at around 10 pounds in eighteen weeks. A Barred Rock hen weighs around 8 pounds at butcher size, and the adolescents weigh 8 pounds for the cockerel, and 6 pounds for the pullets. Being cold hardy, the hens are able to lay through winter, which adds to the prizing of this true American bird.

    ~Chook Kingdom
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  • Chicken Breed Info:

    Breed Purpose: Dual purpose

    Comb: Single

    Broodiness: Average

    Climate Tolerance: All

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: High

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color: Brown

    Breed Temperament: Kind, Calm, Skittish, Sweet, Docile, Over Protective Cocks

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    Black and White Barring

    Breed Details:

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    Egg (left)




Recent User Reviews

  1. bmanty
    "Great birds"
    Pros - Friendly and outgoing
    Love my barred rock, every time I go in the coop she walks right up to me to see what I am doing. No problem in letting me pick her up and hold her either.
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  2. SFogg
    "All-around great breed, highly recommend"
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  3. Ryn2011
    "Wonderful Chickens"
    Pros - Great Egg Layer
    Winter Hardy
    Great Varying Personalities
    Cons - Can Be Mean To Other Hens
    I have six Barred Rocks in my flock and I love them. They lay big, round gorgeous and delicious brown (varying shades) eggs. They love exploring around the yard and are very sweet to my daughter and myself. Their salt and pepper look is one of my favorites of all breeds. I constantly remark they they look like they are wearing peppered bloomers as they strut around the yard. 20171129_150755.jpg 25994991_10214849174480460_1041846017893363302_n.jpg 26239075_10214982493813360_107551477113715561_n.jpg 26906964_10214988792730829_2428330923084129786_n.jpg 20171118_185803.jpg
    They can have conflicts with the other birds from time to time but all in all are wonderful additions to my flock.
    I would suggest that you keep them away from your smaller varieties as they can be brutes when it comes to the pecking order.
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    Purchase Date:
    November 2nd, 2017/December 17th, 2017
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  1. we2hens
    We have about 40 barred rock hens. They are very friendly, quiet birds....unless you have treats and they think they should have some. One hen in particular, comes to my patio door and if I have the shade pulled up and the door open she will stand up tall and look in and start "telling" me that she would like something tasty to eat. :)
  2. TabbyG
    Thanks for your review - I've been looking at adding a few of these lovely ladies to our flock. I think you just gave me the extra push to snag a few!
  3. poopnroost
    I love my bared rock I knew from the first day I got her she was going to be a sweetie pie and so her name is sweetie pie ..She is about 6 months old and she is always gentle and inquisitive always looking to see what Im doing ..I have her with RI reds RI whites 2 silkie show girls and a rooster breed unknow as of yet thinking he may be a maran ... But she is the best hen I own ... I just love her i would recomend this breed if you have little ones that help in the coop they seem very friendly and never seem to peck ...
  4. FeistyPeepers
    Our very 1st chicks that caused us become chicken math victims (LOL) are some of my favorites! I agree with you they're awesome. Our hens are the sweetest & honest;y only our 2 light Sussex hens are as calm as our Barreds. We have not had even one minute problem with them. We have 2 roos (technically cockerel) Mr Smiley & Sweet Pete that get along well together and they get along well with everyone else. I loves my boys and they are so gentle with me. When my DH sets one of them on my lap & they stretch their head real close to eyeball me & see it's really me the Mama Hen
    they nestle down relax & let me cuddle with them. Neither have ever pecked me & I can rub their combs, chins & even their beaks. I'd bet if you spend time with them daily, yours will be as affectionate.
  5. LAChickens
    I have three "warmth" roos from Ideal Barred as well. I was against this initially but they have really grown on me. Two are very sweet and friendly but one is twice the size of the others and very mature for his age. He's standoffish. I have 5 grown BR hens and they are lovely, calm and curious birds. They make up the backbone of my laying flock at present. Love them!
  6. proudchickiemom
    That is great. My hen is about 22 weeks old, and is still the biggest, and in my opinion, the most beautiful. She hasnt started laying yet :( But Im sure she will start soon. She goes and sits in a box everyday, and then when I walk in, she hops down and looks from me to the box, like she wants me to look for the invisible egg she layed. She is a great bird to have
  7. Peepsicle
    BARRED ROCKS TOTALY ROCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Peepsicle
    they destroy other birds.
    Mine don't!!
  9. Chickengirl47
    I love Barred Rocks to! They are very pretty! My Barred Rock girl is very nice and lays an egg almost every day. I also have one RIR.
  10. susieq5353
    Are they docile around kids? I don't know a thing about this breed.

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