Barred Rock

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  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    Kind, Skittish
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Barred (black and white)
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    APA/ABA Class:
    Barred Rock Rooster​

    The Plymouth Rock a.k.a. Barred Rock is a very popular duel-purpose American breed, known for their excellent laying ability, general hardiness, and calm good nature which makes them a good choice for small backyard flocks and homesteaders.

    Chickens called "Plymouth Rocks" were shown as early as 1849, but that flock disappeared and later strains from several different breeders combined to form the foundation of today’s Plymouth Rock breed. Mr. D.A. Upham of Worcester, MA is credited as being one of the primary influences on the breed, he first exhibited his birds at the Worcester, MA poultry exhibition in 1869. His birds are generally acknowledged to be the ancestors of the breed we know today.

    A number of different breeds are reputed to have gone into the formation of the Plymouth Rock, including Dominique, Brahma, Black Java and Cochin. The breed gained a great deal of popularity quickly and the Plymouth Rock became the most popular farm chicken in the United States up until WWII.

    The original color of the breed was Barred and early in the breeds history the name "Plymouth Rock" implied a barred bird. Barred varieties remain the most popular color today. As more color varieties were developed, the name Plymouth Rock became the designation for the entire breed, which can now can be found in other colors including White, Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian and Blue.

    The Barred Plymouth Rock was one of the breeds used as the foundation for the commercial broiler industry in the united States in the 1920's and the White Rock is still often used as the female side of the Cornish Rocks or Cornish Cross type commercial broiler cross.

    They are single combed, quite winter hardy, and the hens are good layers of brown eggs. They are occasionally broody and make good setters and mothers.

    The Plymouth Rock breed was recognized by the APA in 1874 and is on The Livestock Conservancy's Recovering list.

    Barred Rock chicks

    BR pullet.jpg
    Barred Rock Juvenile (pullet)

    Barred Rock hen
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  • Chicken Breed Info:

    Breed Purpose: Dual purpose

    Comb: Single

    Broodiness: Average

    Climate Tolerance: All

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: High

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color: Brown

    Breed Temperament: Kind, Calm, Skittish, Sweet, Docile, Over Protective Cocks

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    Black and White Barring

    Breed Details:

    Chicken Breed Photos:

    Primary Image





    Egg (left)




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Recent User Reviews

  1. Rusticwool
    My favorite chicken! She is vocal and curious, I can’t do anything without her right beside me. She is a calm girl and is great with the toddler.
  2. moniquem
    "Not my favorite"
    Pros - She's pretty..
    Cons - Bossy, loud and not a great layer

    This is Louise, she is 7.5 months now. I got my first flock of 4 chickens in April. I have a BA, SS,EE and BR. She started "laying" at about 20 weeks but there have been many problems with her eggs. I wold say 50% of the time she lays soft shelled eggs, maybe 2-3 times per week. So.....I don't get many eggs.

    Besides the egg laying she is extremely loud, she is always walking around the yard like she's looking for something or someone whinning the whole time. She is also the bully of the bunch and has tried dominating me, which i showed her was not an option!

    If I knew then what I know now I would have made other choices for chickens. I will not get another one of this breed. My fault though, I read the reviews that they can be bossy but I love the classic look of these so really wanted one. If she continues to have problems laying I may re-home her :(

    November 11th, 2018: UPDATE..

    Had to re-home mine, very aggressive to my other chickens. The straw for me was when I found her cornering bottom chicken in the nest box and pecking at her head pretty savagely....
  3. crazychick912
    "I love my Barred Rocks"
    Pros - Good egg layers. Friendly and easy tempered
    Cons - None
    I knew nothing about them when I first got them. They are great.
    My husband who really wants nothing to with the chickens had a Barred Rock that followed him everywhere he went on our property. He told me, "That spotted one keeps following me. She's always clucking and talking up a storm." He ended up naming her "Spot". And where he was, so was she.

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  1. Beans513
    She is always the first to me.
  2. featherhead007
    2 times my hen shown here, laid a beautiful brown egg in my hand. i knew by her squack that she was ready, but yes i know all my ladies quite well.
    the egg never touched the nesting box floor. How is that for fresh!!!!
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  3. punatiquemama
    I usually have the americana,,, for their pretty green eggs, but this last season, they were not very productive.... looking for a good layer, don't need meat..... some say this is a "medium' layer (I also have Leghorns which lay a lot!) others say it is a 'good layer"....... I want to cut down on my flock and not have so many birds, so I want a breed that lays almost daily. is this the right one?
    1. featherhead007
      I love my Leghorns too! pure white eggshells awesome yolks.. My birds are brown, and not especially friendly as my Barred Rocks are
      featherhead007, Sep 27, 2017
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    2. Josh0625
      I love my barred rocks. I currently have 7 hens 1 rooster, 4 pullets, 1 cockerel, and 4 chicks. I get 6-7 eggs from my hens all year long!!
      Josh0625, Dec 15, 2017
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  4. Chickadee55
    I have a Barred Rock rooster and 8 peeps. The peeps are playful and friendly but the rooster on the other hand is aggressive, mean and freaking loud. He doesn't crow, he screams all day long. Hubby hates him.
  5. Bonnie sue
    I like my peepers too there so sweet.
  6. rdcowman
    I LOVE Barred Rocks!:) They are so sweet and loving! i have 4 of them. i definitely recommend them!;)
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    1. featherhead007
      so true, mine like to cuddle with me and coo from their crops , and great eggs . nice hoppy turned profession!
      featherhead007, Sep 7, 2017
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  7. Crazyredhead
    I have 3 hens and 1 rooster.
    Sweet sweet birds.
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    1. featherhead007
      featherhead007, Sep 7, 2017
  8. sidders chicken
    I have 2 barred rocks!!! best chicken breeds ever!!! quiet and great layers!
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  9. MichelleT
    We got 5 chicks to add to our flock of 4 the first week of May. We got 2 Easter Eggers, 1 New Hampshire Red, 1 Black Astraulorp and 1 Barred Rock. Our BR, Lilibet, was the "runt" of her group at the feed store and I was a little worried she wouldn't thrive. That is not the case, however. I don't feel like I really "know" our other chicks well enough to rate them yet, but Lilibet is the stand-out. She's always the first to come out of the coop in the morning (beating the big girls on some days), is brave enough to go in for the "treats" and is scooting out the run gate more often than not. She always gets picked up and delivered back to the run, and she clucks and complains, but it can't bother her too much or she'd quit doing it. :) At 12 weeks old she is the friendliest of our chick group and I can't wait to see what kind of hen she'll be!
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    1. MichelleT
      Sadly, we lost Lilibet about 2 weeks after I posted. Necropsy showed an egg sac that didn't form (she was only 14 weeks old) and she got a bacterial infection. We'll definitely get another BR or two in the spring when we get a new batch of chicks though. RIP Lili!
      MichelleT, Sep 8, 2017
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  10. MeridianChick
    My barred rock Zoe is very sweet and has a nice temperament. Since she was three weeks old, she's been the head of our flock, even though she may be shy at times. :)
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