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Beaktime Waterer Cups

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  • They are automatic so you do not need to water chickens as often
    They do not leave puddles below like nipple waterers
    They are contained so there is no backflow meaning there will be much less need for cleaning and less green growth that is very common with standard waterers
    The Cup has a twistable base allowing you to mount horizontally or vertically

    They work with or without the PVC Bracket or the Cage bracket.

    We recommend the using the brackets for a more flexible system. If you mount directly into pipe without a bracket, it is difficult to remove the cup from the base without destroying the seal to the pipe. With the Tubing bracket, you can move each cup freely to different areas with ease.

    Cups are designed to work with a gravity system with pressure around 5 psi. Attaching directly to a garden hose will cause the cups to overflow.

    Cups are designed to be fed from a low-pressure water source (5 psi or less), such as a gravity-fed system, or a water line with a pressure regulator installed. There are many ways to setup your system to work exactly as you desire and we are here to help you with any questions.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Shezadandy
    "Fabulous Little Cups"
    Pros - Nice sized drinking cup, trigger is very sensitive so even 2-3 week old chicks can work them without help, no leaks
    Cons - none so far
    I got 12 of these off Amazon for around $30. Would not waste money on the 5-packs that come with special attachments etc. All you need is a 3/8" drill bit (double check the directions for drill bit size), 3/4" PVC pipe and 1/2" plumber's tape ($1). I don't know that I would put these directly into a bucket- not sure if the bucket side is thick enough for the threads to get a good hold.

    Watering is so much more peaceful with these cups. No more beaks beating on nipple waterers to get a few drops. All I had to do was fill the cup once for the chickens and they picked up how to use it immediately. They almost can't help but touch the trigger when they go to drink. When a bunch decide to drink from the same cup, using 3/4" PVC pipe, there's more than enough water to go around with 5-6 hens going for the same cup in rapid fashion. They can dip their wattles in to cool off a bit.

    Our 2-3 week old broody raised chicks were working these things by themselves by jumping onto the PVC and working the top of the trigger with their tiny beaks, filling the cup drinking from it. The trigger moves all ways so it doesn't matter how the chick/en decides to move it, it will fill, and it is sensitive to touch. Eventually they seem to learn how to drink their fill and leave the cup dry which is nice for hygiene.

    Have one system inside, one outside, keeps bedding dry, no issue with leaks - did use plumber's tape on the threads. Your imagination is the limit in terms of how you choose to set them up.

    Do recommend putting a PVC ball valve on the end of the PVC pipe so you can drain the contents quickly and easily without moving anything- easy to drain that way if freezing weather comes and it's an outside situation that will freeze, easy to clean that way, and flush any warm water out of the pipe on hot days.
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