Beaktime Waterer Cups

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    Automatic Drinker Cups
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    They are automatic so you do not need to water chickens as often
    They do not leave puddles below like nipple waterers
    They are contained so there is no backflow meaning there will be much less need for cleaning and less green growth that is very common with standard waterers
    The Cup has a twistable base allowing you to mount horizontally or vertically

    They work with or without the PVC Bracket or the Cage bracket.

    We recommend the using the brackets for a more flexible system. If you mount directly into pipe without a bracket, it is difficult to remove the cup from the base without destroying the seal to the pipe. With the Tubing bracket, you can move each cup freely to different areas with ease.

    Cups are designed to work with a gravity system with pressure around 5 psi. Attaching directly to a garden hose will cause the cups to overflow.

    Cups are designed to be fed from a low-pressure water source (5 psi or less), such as a gravity-fed system, or a water line with a pressure regulator installed. There are many ways to setup your system to work exactly as you desire and we are here to help you with any questions.
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  1. SwtGrc
    "Awesome idea when they work"
    Pros - Keeps clean, pretty easy to use and the chickens do figure it out
    Cons - Constantly leak- but could very well be how i installed them
    i loved the idea of these cups. Less mess and convenient to fill depending what system you use.
    I started teaching my ladies how to use the cups when they were 8weeks or so. I simply used one cup attached to a clean coffee creamer jug.
    When they finally graduated to the outdoor coop, I bought a 3 gallon food grade bucket and installed 5 cups all around near the bottom. I used a rubber washer and plumbers tape on the threads.
    Thought all was going great until I tested everything. It leaked overnight from 2 cups.
    I think I'll try a new system cause I really want these to work for the future installation of my recycled water collector
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    July 2017
  2. Gray Farms
    Pros - Don't leak, easy to clean, easy to install/replace cups, don't drip and waist water.
    Cons - None what so ever.
    They're just great. My birds figured them out in 5 minutes. Now they have access to clean, cool, fresh water 24/7. No more dumping a half a pan of dirty water every day. I've used them for 3 years now and just love them.
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  3. SpaghettiJo
    Cons - not easy to clean, leaky, break easily

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