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    Automatic Drinker Cups
    They are automatic so you do not need to water chickens as often
    They do not leave puddles below like nipple waterers
    They are contained so there is no backflow meaning there will be much less need for cleaning and less green growth that is very common with standard waterers
    The Cup has a twistable base allowing you to mount horizontally or vertically

    They work with or without the PVC Bracket or the Cage bracket.

    We recommend the using the brackets for a more flexible system. If you mount directly into pipe without a bracket, it is difficult to remove the cup from the base without destroying the seal to the pipe. With the Tubing bracket, you can move each cup freely to different areas with ease.

    Cups are designed to work with a gravity system with pressure around 5 psi. Attaching directly to a garden hose will cause the cups to overflow.

    Cups are designed to be fed from a low-pressure water source (5 psi or less), such as a gravity-fed system, or a water line with a pressure regulator installed. There are many ways to setup your system to work exactly as you desire and we are here to help you with any questions.
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  1. PollyGirl21
    "Pretty good"
    Pros - don't have to refill water as often, easy for chickens to use.
    Cons - They freeze in the winter
    They are pretty good, in the warmer months. They are easy for chickens to use, and spares you a lot of work. When it gets cold, though, they freeze and break. Pretty frustrating.
  2. 1 acre willows
    "Well worth the money!"
    Pros - Easy to clean, easy to change out, ready for chickens to figure out how to use.
    Cons - In my set up, 3 gal square buckets, the bucket won't freeze, but the inlet to these will. Quick fix is to just bring the bucket inside and switch with another, but is the only downside to them I've found in about 6 months worth of use.
    mounted 2 per 3 gal square used mayo buckets, one per side and I can set the buckets up on a cinder block that way to keep them off the ground. Drilled a tiny tiny hole in the lid so as to prevent a vacuum and keep the nasties out. I do use a small 80W heater in one in weather below 30 deg. Usually a few minutes of wrapping your hand around one if it freezes will thaw them out. Have yet to have one freeze and break, they're cheap so it is easy to keep a couple on hand as spares or for parts.
  3. Garden4Life
    "Best chicken purchase I have ever made!"
    Pros - No spill, easy to clean, chickens learn to use it quickly
    Cons - I haven't found one yet
    I love these! I bought a food grade 5 gallon bucket from Lowes and attached these to the bottom/side of the bucket. I have the bucket resting on a cinder block so the cups are at drinking height for the chickens. I used to have to give the girls fresh water daily now I only need to refill the bucket every other week or so. I have two cups in one 5 gallon bucket for 7 chickens and have zero issues. I have been using the cups for about two years now. This winter has been super harsh with many weeks in the single digits. I bought a small $10 fish tank heater from Walmart and have that in the bottom close to the cups. I also placed a small heat lamp above the water bucket. My coop is FAR from insulated and I have two windows that actually don't even close all the way. You can actually see the light from the heat lamp through the cracks in the walls of the coop! I have never had a problem with these cups freezing. I do fear that these cups could malfunction and I would have no idea so I do check them every time I collect eggs. I just stick my finger in each cup and make sure they still work. They have never stopped working but it is still a fear of mine. Although I suppose that could happen with any of the chicken nipple water systems too. When these break or wear out I will definitly purchase more.
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  1. Tami Lyons
    How much are they and where can I get them?
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    1. Chickadooo
      I saw a pack of these hanging on the shelves in the poultry section at tractor supply company.. I can't remember the exact price but I think it was 4 of them for about $8-$10..ish. I didn't get them because the employee working didn't know much about them. I think I will try them out soon.
      Chickadooo, Sep 11, 2018

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