Belgian d' Anver

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All Climates
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Light Brown
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Aggressive,Friendly,Easily handled
Breed Colors/Varieties
This Breed has 14 recognized varieties: Quail, Black, Self Blue, Blue, Mottled, Cuckoo, Mille Fleur, Blue Quail, Buff, BBR,Porcelain, White, Colombian and Buff Colombian.
Breed Size

The Belgian d' Anver is a breed of bantam chicken from Belgium. A true bantam, it has no full-sized counterpart, males weigh about 700 grams and hens about 600 g. The Barbu d'Anvers is one of the oldest known bantam breeds, and is thought to have originated in the province of Antwerp in Northern Flanders. The first reliable written mention of the breed dates from 1858 and the first description is that of Victor La Perre De Roo in 1882. In Belgium 29 colour varieties of plumage are recognised in Germany there are six more.

The breed is usually kept for ornamental purposes, as pets or for exhibition. The hens make good sitters and are good mothers.

In the United States d'Anvers may be called the Antwerp Belgian or Belgian Bearded d'Anvers and was included the of the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1949.

Belgian d' Anver chicks

Belgian d' Anver hen

Belgian d' Anver rooster

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Latest reviews

Pros: Adorable, easy to breed, bright friendly personalities, loads of gorgeous colors, hardy, low maintenance... best little bantam out there!
Cons: Roosters are aggressive, sneaky buggers like roosting in the rafters and hiding nests (with the occasional broody)
D'Anvers are definitely my favorite breed of chicken! Most low maintenance, best personality, in my opinion they are also the cutest! The only cons I see are that the roosters can be mean, which is ok because of their size, but some people don't like that.
Yes, we have a rooster, and he is NASTY!
But I would like to breed him to our bantam cochin!
Pros: Crow is very low and quiet
Small and Cute
Cons: Hyperactive
Roosters are not mean but are not friendly either
Roosters do not like to be held, I'm assuming hens are more easily handled, though I do not have one (ISO-Lavender). The crow is so funny, like he is saying uh oh! So quiet that you wouldn't know he was there except for a little clucking every now and then. He does like to run around a lot. Very active.
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Have 1 Pullet and she's mean.
Must be the breed. 😓
The Belgian Bearded d'Anver is a small breed which makes it a good show bird for young children! They are beautiful and extremely docile!


I agree. The d'Anver is exquisite. I know something about the origins of this ancient breed if anyone is interested.
May I ask, how can you tell the sex at such a young age? My babies are a week old. I am dying to know if they are a boy or girl. :)
Rofl! I can't leave my house open in the summer - always come in to find a chicken in the kitchen! One of my red stars (she is VERY unique among her breed) will actually peck on the door in the morning to be let in!
i have 3 eggs in the incubator and due to hatch between tuseday April 15th and friday April 18th i cant wait too.
My roo was sold as an Ameracauna, which I knew was really an EE and that was fine. He produced a pullet who laid pretty green eggs so I'm certain he's part Ameracauna. I always told him (yes, I talk to my roo) that he looked French because his comb looks like a beret. Since I've seen the Belgian D'Anver, I think that's his other side. He's my avatar. What do you think?
BTW: he couldn't be sweeter, I hold him and rub his ear until he falls asleep in my arms. He's really great with the girls and does his job well. I call him George and he comes when he calls. =)
So... are the Roosters of this breed consistently a quiet bird. I want to be a considerate neighbor and will not risk my entire flock to complaints by my neighbors. Thanks. Gone to the Birds.
I had a quail rooster of one of these guys, he was overall a very tame bird just mean as mean can be sometimes, if you were me who wore shoes outside you didn’t suffer his wrath unlike everyone else.. their feet were pecked, he never spurred or attacked with claws just the beak but when he was nice he was very nice, I sadly lost him to a respiratory infection and have been trying to find another ever since

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