Belgian Watermaal

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  • This is the sister breed to the Belgian Bearded d'Anver and the Belgian Bearded d'Uccle. This member of the Belgian tribe sports a small tassel/crest and a triple spiked rose comb and is rare in the U.S. It is a recognized breed in the American Bantam Association's Standard of Perfection in the following varieties: Black, Blue, Buff, Mottled, Quail and White. Like most Belgians, Watermaal hens are very friendly and lay an average of about 4 eggs per week. Males can be aggressive. The hens tend to be very persistent broodies. The type of the Watermaal is similar to that of the d'Anvers but a bit smaller and should have a much smoother/streamlined appearance (not as angular as other Belgians).
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  1. chickengirl152
    "Cute,Small Birds"
    Pros - Good for beginners for pro's
    Cons - None
    These Birds are great for anyone the hens are wonderful mothers and are not the best layers but they lay a good amount each year, I had one pair last year and they passed away this month sadly but the little while that I had them they were great birds.

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