Best Nest Box - Rollaway Nest Box - Community Style

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  1. egglover123
    "Hens don't use them"
    Pros - easy to move. No pros if the hens don't use them.
    Cons - Hens don't lay in them
    We had them in the coop for about two weeks now. We tried doing the various suggestions to get the hens to use the boxes,but no success. We have RR Reds and Gold Stars. They lay them everywhere but in the box. I'm thinking it doesn't look natural to them so they are reluctant to use it for laying. Some walk around in it,but they never actually lay in it. If this keeps up, it's a waste of money. Sounds like a nice idea,but if the hens aren't comfortable with it, the human idea doesn't matter. We have used the plastic one that you screw to the wall and the hens used those on day one.

    We'll try a little longer, but if they don't catch on soon, I'm afraid we wasted our money. When I look for any videos, I don't see any with them in actual use. There is one video with a bunch of hens standing in it, but they are not sitting as if they are laying eggs.

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