Best Quality Wazine 17% / Size 16 Ounce By Fleming Ltd

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  1. chickincrazy
    "Good wormer, does the job."
    Pros - the chickens don't mind it in their water
    Cons - It's really hard to figure out how much each bird needs.
    This is good wormer. It doesn't go bad quickly, and it really cleans out the worms. I've noticed that the lid leaks.
  2. bairo
    "Wazine 17"
    Pros - Ease of use
    Cons - Difficult to judge which birds received what dosage if at all.
    1 oz. in 1 gallon of water placed for their sole source of drinking water for a full 24 hours. Best placed first thing in morning before they come off roost. If the weather is not too warm, it is also best to lock them down for the day to make certain they are not getting their water elsewhere (from dew or puddles). Wazine is not my 1st choice of a wormer, but is label approved for chickens (a rarity)

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