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  • Fleming Outdoors offers the very best in Kuhl Laying Nests. All laying nests are equipped with plastic perches and plastic nest bottoms to make a completely sanitizable unit. Kuhl offers a total of 16 different sized laying nests, including 3 different models to suit every budget and application. Kuhl suggests one nest hole per 8 to 10 birds.
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  1. Chickenshoe
    "What's not to love about this nesting box"
    Pros - Easy cleaning, wont rot, rust, stainless steel..
    Cons - none
    bought 4 of these, installation easy..bottom removes making clean up a breeze, stainless steel wont rust, rot. or stink...pack it with some shavings or straw, good to go..
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  2. ELauraD
    "Easy to assemble, attractive and easy to..."
    Pros - Easy assembly and cleaning. Base of the box is removable. Box is deep enough to put a good layer of bedding. Bar lifts to block nest when needed.
    Cons - $$$
    We have been using this brand of laying nest for two years. It was easy to assemble and the cleaning is a snap. I simply tip the floor and dump the shavings. It is secure for the chickens and they cannot tip the floor -that is not even a consideration. If a wash is needed it is easily done no scrubbing involved. There has been no wear and tear at all it looks as good as when first installed. Our first batch of chickens loved it. Egg collection can be done from the front or back depending on how you set up of your coop.
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  1. little
    would they be cold in the winter?
  2. showgirl3
    our chickens like to lay eggs in beer cases! its really weird, we built them some and they sarted to lay under the coop so we tried to simulate that and thats were they lay eggs!

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