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  1. Greg88
    "Auto Door pricey but Great so far!!"
    Pros - Aluminum and composit construction for no rot/rust. Battery backup. Can set however long before / after sunrise / sunset you want to function
    Cons - pricey, only a year warranty which are the only reason it got 4.5 vs 5 stars
    I bought the advanced model so I could use the additional features and got the entire door although the motor itself is available at a lower cost.
    Have had only a couple months so we will see long term how it goes, but very pleased with it so far.
    Cheapest place I found was Fleming
    I love the fact that it allows you to open in the morning however long before/after sunrise and close however long after sunset with no worries.
    It knows your location and adjusts throughout the year according to sunrise / sunset tables for your location.
    Electric with battery back up. If you hook solar panels you can run off batteries alone.
    • LCD Display
    • Setup Mode for easily changing settings
    • On Board Instructions (no paper required)
    • AM/PM or 24-hour clock option
    • Tactile Response Buttons
    • Door Calibration with Stop and Step Functions for fine tuning open and close positions
    • Battery Accessibility, Snap Fit Lid
    • Low Battery Warning Indicator, on Screen
    • LED Warning Indicator Light
    • Integrated System Test Functionality
    • Dirt/Moisture protected PCB Board
    • Sealed Gearbox and Bearings
    • Lithium IC Clock (time is unaffected by outages)
    • 6 lbs Standard Door Weight Capacity
    • Plug In Ready
    • Low Maintenance
    • 30 Day Product Parts Warranty, 1 Year Motor Warranty
    • Battery Backup if Electrical Power Fails (Through the 4 AA Batteries)
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  1. liz72703
    I have this one as well, Greg. Absolutely no complaints about it. I just ordered the solar panel that goes with it, haven't installed it yet tho.

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