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Developed in the Pomerania area of Europe that was once a part of Sweden, black Swedish ducks are known for their low-maintenance hardiness and tuxedo-like feathering. Entirely black except for a white bib on the chest and "gloves" on the wings, Black Swedish ducks will add unique flair to your backyard pond while being easy to care for.

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Pros: Large very calm bird that is good at pest control. Very Very hardy bird.
Cons: Sometimes they quack fairly loud but not too often.
Pros: Sweet pretty
Cons: They are very loud
Pros: Beautiful, calm, lays many eggs, hardy, cold hardy, friendly, good foragers
Cons: Can be loud, predators can get them easily
I ordered some black Swedish ducklings a few years ago and they are great ducks to have. They are very calm and friendly. I allow mine to free range and they are great for foraging. Black Swedish ducks also get along with all the birds I keep them with (chickens, guineas, etc.) They rarely go broody, which is good or bad depending on what you want. Overall, they are a great bird and I recommend them to anyone!
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I have Black Swedish and they are very shy (I rec'd them at about 1 year so the previous owner had no contact with them). They are prolific layers!
I just adopted a couple of Black Swedish hens from a farm that was thinning its flock. They are very calm and made the hour long journey in the back of my truck without a problem. I should have picked up the drake while I was at it, because now I want to go back and get him so I can breed them. Just wondering how they are at laying because I read they only lay about 100 eggs a year, that doesn't sound like much.
Hi we’ve just hatched some black Swedish ducklings for the first time and they seem to have straight wings ?! Is this normal for this breed or is this a case of angel wings?

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