Blenheim Rain Hat

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  1. LoweBow
    "Awesome Combo!!"
    Pros - Keeps feed dry for small coop owner
    Cons - None so far
    We love this feeder! Our small coop was just too hard to put the food and water inside. Now we don't have to watch the weather as much or worry about filling feeder every day.
    Awesome product!!!
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  2. rcoletti116
    "Rain Hat for Blenheim Feeder"
    Pros - Keeps the feed dry
    Cons - Sits too low and makes it hard for the chickens to get the food.
    The Blenheim feeder is great, though the girls need time to fully understand this is where there food will come from now. The Rain Hat is great too. It keeps the feed totally dry. The only con is that it sits too low, leaving a small gap for the chickens to barely stick their faces in to eat. My chickens don't seem to want to eat what they can't see. Problem. This was easily fixed, though, as I stuffed the hat with clean/new packing paper to give it some significant height. The chickens can see their food and access it easily, and the rain is still kept out. So perhaps this is a design flaw, but it's easily fixed.
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  1. rcoletti116
    Mine is the 13.3lbs. It's hard to see in the pictures, but it looks like the 5lb doesn't sit quite as low, but I only own the 13.3. As far as their size, my girls figured out that the food was there, but it was too much of a strain to bend down and stretch their necks to get to the food. And that was with the legs on. It's an easy fix though. I just "stuffed" the hat a little and everything is fine. Also, the people at Fleming Outdoors (which is where I assume you''ll get it online, since it seems they are the only American supplier of this feeder) are very helpful. Great customer service. I hope this helps.
  2. AshleyO
    Hello, I am looking to buy a Blenheim feeder with rain hat. You said yours sits low and the girls can not see there food. Are you talking about the 13.3 lbs. feeder or the 5lbs.?
    Thank you very much for your review on the product so far. My girls, except one are still in their youth so maybe if they grow up with it, it will not be a problem.
    Looking forward to your or any reply or comment.
    Thank you
  3. Markb2004
    Hi, Im knew to chickens and yesterday it lashed rain and the chicken food got wet and soggy, will the hens still eat the food or should i replace it and keep it in the coop ?

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