Blue Hen Of Delaware

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  1. tYarisdaprincess
    "Fun but flighty"
    Pros - The rooster is gorgeous and the hen lays medium sized tinted white eggs.
    Cons - The rooster has to be separated from others or he doggedly tries to destroy them all!
    These are gorgeous birds! I was surprised when the eggs didn't come out tan like regular Delaware hens. My hen stays a little separate from my mixed flock and is the only hen to lay outside in random places instead of the nesting boxes every time. My rooster is friendly at arms length with humans but at about 5 Shalidor.jpg months of age decided all other roosters must no longer exist. I still really like this breed, but they are flighty and fighty!This is my rooster Shalidor. I got them from a breeder in Delaware state.
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    $10 each
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    March 2019
  2. bbishop
    "I have about 5 of these hens they are great..."
    Pros - They are very pretty and lay great brown eggs .
    Cons - They are very skittish and flighty
    These are great for your mix flock and the roosters are gorgeous :)

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