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    Large Fowl
    They were first imported into the USA in the late 1800's. The foundation stock of the blue Swedish duck was being raised by farmers in Pomerania, which at that time was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. Blue Swedish Ducks were admitted into the American Standard of Perfection 1904.
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    Scientific name is; Anas platyrhynchos domesticus Blue Swedish is a medium sized duck that weighs between 6 1/2 to 8 pounds; the male usually weighs more than the female. Blue Swedish ducks are very calm and make good ducks for beginners and will go broody. Blue is the standard but there is also Black, Silver, Yellow and Splashed color patterns. Standard specifies that the outer two or three wing flight feathers must be white. The Blue Swedish may also be crested. The Blue Swedish duck is considered a dual-purpose duck for both meat and eggs. The Blue Swedish lays mostly white eggs, but may lay an occasional blue or gray tinted egg. Thank you to JenniferK, Ducklover1, and QuailQT for permission to use their photos.







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  1. HeritageHenNut
    "Great Ducks!"
    Pros - Good Layers, Relatively Quiet, Very attractive
    Cons - A bit flighty

    This was my first breed of ducks, and I absolutely love them. My girls laid all winter, an egg every single day. They're beautiful and were great for eating down the weeds around my raised garden beds. Can't recommend them enough.
  2. HnkyDnkyZZFarm
    "DUCKY LOVE!!!"
    Pros - So amazingly friendly, very trainable, chatty
    Cons - Can be loud. If you have neighbors they may not love Swedish Blues as much as I do for this reason. They fly like a thrown brick.
    We have a drake and two ladies for him. They are a joy. They are our ducky order patrol, parading the property, checking in on the other animals, offering suggestions, keeping everyone in line and making sure we all are in our proper places. They are the epitome of duck sense. All three will tolerate being held and petted, and bob their heads and call Quaaak-WAK-wak-wak-wak-wak to each other and the human flock hoping it might be treat time. They seem to add a measure of security to the coop and yard, and I have seen them as a flock chase off cats. They do well ruling over a small chicken flock and are as ducks go low mess so long as you keep their swimming and sleeping spots well separated.

    Generally super sweet and just happy to be a buddy duck.[​IMG]

  3. ljmecham2001
    "A review on my Blues :)"
    Pros - Very quiet, sweet, gentle
    Cons - Poop machines, Predator bait(when ducklings)
    My blues are by far my quietest ducks! They are very sweet and gentle, I've never had one bite me or attack any other birds, however they do seem to enjoy making a mess ;) . The only bad things about them is they seem to get eaten easily as ducklings and are poop machines!!!
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  1. Abriana
    I am looking for a perfect duck breed (though every breed has its pros and cons) and I love the look of the Swedish Blues. Can anyone tell me a bit more about them? Mostly, I would like to know any cons that come with this breed.
  2. fishpondcoating
    I really love this great duck, It looks so much beautiful. During the maintenance of duck pond if you ever face pond leakage issue then use pond coating by pondpro2000 which protect the pond from leaks and damages. It becomes a shield between water and pond and secures it from all extreme weather or temperature worst conditions. Thanks for awesome sharing.
  3. N F C
    Nice to read your review on the Blue Swedish! I'm getting one of these along with some other breeds in April, can't wait!
  4. HnkyDnkyZZFarm
    I noticed mine were very fearful as ducklings, but I handled em anyways because I had to catch them and put them up every night - we gave them run of a puppy enclosure by day and I had pretty much decided they were going to be like jack rabbits in the field, when suddenly, after they were full grown, they up and decided I was the bees knees. I got my honorary duck card. Weirdest thing. Now I have the most unique stories about duck trying to climb down the neck hole of my sweatshirt - with me in it and eating my hair, or ducky kisses leaving scrape marks on my nose. They were a full 6mo before they started getting friendly. Before that they ignored me or ran from me.
  5. HnkyDnkyZZFarm
    I noticed as ducklings they were VERY messy, morning clean ups were RIDICULOUS and required a full hose down of the coop but about the time they molted they became less like walking poo shooters.

  6. N F C
    What a beautiful duck, love the color and it sounds like she's a lot of fun. Nice looking egg too!
  7. hellbender
    You sure about quietest? Ever seen a Moscovy??? lol
    The lightening up of the egg may be like chickens. The color tends to lighten up over time and after a rest are dark again.
  9. City farm
    Our "couple" Rick & Lauren are very friendly. We did hand raise them from 2 week's old.. They have been handled enough to where they don't mind being held.
  10. KWSRetMSgt
    Yes you are correct, Blue Swedes are a great breed to have I have five now, two I've had them since several days old and the other three I got from the local feed store when they were about a week old. The older two ( just over a year old now) are very laid back until they think your trying to approach them, and they along with my Cayuga's also come up to the porch door at night asking when their getting feed, if your running a little late. My younger three two of them are drakes and the ladies in my flock are still trying to get used to them chasing them all the time. They lay an average sized duck egg, and on average I've been getting one a day. Blues are wonderful ducks, the only con I have about them, but it's probably more my fault then theirs is they never seem to want to lay their eggs in the coop, so every morning after letting them out I search their usual places and gather all the eggs.

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