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  • The Brinsea Mini Advance incubator will incubate up to seven standard size chicken eggs and up to 12 quail/pheasant eggs. You can also hatch duck, Amazon and Macaw eggs in this incubator. It has a turning tray to make it fully automatic. You can remove the tray, turn off the auto turn feature and turn the eggs manually if you so choose. It also monitors the temp and controls it but does not have humidity controls. There's a water reservoir in the center of the unit. In auto turn, you can adjust the turn interval and the turn angle according to the egg size. It comes with one turning tray for seven hen/duck eggs. You can purchase a tray for 12 quail/pheasant size eggs separately. Instructions that come with the unit are very detailed and complete.
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  1. silkiekeeper
    "Works great!"
    Pros - No egg turning, easy to add water from the outside
    Cons - Only holds 7 eggs
    I have the mini advance II and I love it. I basically just plug it in and add water every day. My first hatch was 100%.
  2. MyCuteCoop
    "Should have humidity"
    Pros - clear sides, large in size.
    Cons - no humidity, not enough egg space
  3. LLozano
    "New to this"
    Pros - Price
    Cons - Learning curve
    Just FYI Tractor Supply has this unit markdown from 219$ to 54$. I bought one yesterday and I do not even have a chicken set up yet. Working on it but I could not pass it by.
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    54$ on sale
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  1. CooperDooper
    Hello - I am borrowing this incubator from a friend who purchased it in 3/15 and successfully hatched chicks last spring. After reading your comments on calibration, I placed the thermometer/hygrometer from our snake's enclosure into the incubator. After a few hours, it read about 92 degrees and 60%humidity (I filled both halves of the water container). To double check it, I then placed my old mercury oral thermometer inside - and it reads 98.4

    Do you think that I should calibrate it? Or should I just place my eggs tomorrow and see what happens?
    I also really wish it had a hygrometer built in!!!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
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  2. venymae
    Yes, that's what the direction tell you to do. However it doesn't always work for me. In the summer when it's very humid, one half cup shoots my humidity up too high. Also, unless you get the seperate hydrogememter, you can't tell what your himidity is at. There is no guage built in.
  3. ChickenGrass
    For this incubator I just full one half of the cup in the middle
    And on day 18 I full then both up to the top.
    I do this with my brinsea octagon 20 too.
    I fill up one resivoir and on day 18 fill up the other one
    I always have good hatches with this method.
  4. shouts
    Just got it - can't wait to try it out!
  5. AreYouLoved
    The best incubator I have ever used is the Genesis 1588 pre-set incubator. for fertile eggs I have had nothing less than a 95% hatch rate. Love that machine. :)
  6. theoldguy
    Buy the Hovabator Genesis ,about 200 dollars very reliable hatches 40 eggs. I even bought a 12 volt adapter for use with a battery(adpater for less then 20 dollars. I have had mine you 3 yrs and have hatched out several groups of chicks.Last time I had an 85% hatch on Cornish bantams extremely good for the breed.The best little incubator on the market I think.It also has a large viewing window on top.Made in America too :) I got mine with an egg turner too.
  7. Math
    Wow, $175.00 is pretty expensive for 7 chicks a month. I hatch about 30 chicks per month. That would require 4 or 5 of these incubators with a hatch rate of 100%. I'll pass until I'm hatching rare breed expensive eggs.
  8. kss1113
    Just bought one and it cost me $175.00
  9. karib574
    How do you calibrate the incubator??
  10. RedBreasted

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