Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator

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  • The Brinsea Mini Advance incubator will incubate up to seven standard size chicken eggs and up to 12 quail/pheasant eggs. You can also hatch duck, Amazon and Macaw eggs in this incubator. It has a turning tray to make it fully automatic. You can remove the tray, turn off the auto turn feature and turn the eggs manually if you so choose. It also monitors the temp and controls it but does not have humidity controls. There's a water reservoir in the center of the unit. In auto turn, you can adjust the turn interval and the turn angle according to the egg size. It comes with one turning tray for seven hen/duck eggs. You can purchase a tray for 12 quail/pheasant size eggs separately. Instructions that come with the unit are very detailed and complete.
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  1. silkiekeeper
    "Works great!"
    Pros - No egg turning, easy to add water from the outside
    Cons - Only holds 7 eggs
    I have the mini advance II and I love it. I basically just plug it in and add water every day. My first hatch was 100%.
  2. MyCuteCoop
    "Should have humidity"
    Pros - clear sides, large in size.
    Cons - no humidity, not enough egg space
  3. LLozano
    "New to this"
    Pros - Price
    Cons - Learning curve
    Just FYI Tractor Supply has this unit markdown from 219$ to 54$. I bought one yesterday and I do not even have a chicken set up yet. Working on it but I could not pass it by.
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    54$ on sale
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  1. KellyS
    I'm curious about that too.
  2. DustyDawgy
    How much did it cost?
  3. Hillschicks
    Another bonus.. Our last hatch had a power outage on day 10. Electric company said it would be many hours before it came back on. So we picked up our mini advance, took it to family down the road who still had power and got them plugged right in and never missed a beat.. Lets see a big incubator do that on a moments notice
  4. Hillschicks
    Dont open during lockdown i mean
  5. Hillschicks
    I got mine right from .. But i also had a 10% off discount code and it happened to be on sale.. Shop around, they are pricey, but deals can be found. As for the 7 eggs being crammed in and no room to hatch, we had the same concern, but we just stuck with it and let them finish.. They all found a way out.. All i know if dont open it unless you have too cuz sudden humidity changes can do major damage.. Like shrink wrapped chicks in egg membrane
  6. OohLaLa
    Would love to hear how it goes. I'm a newbie to, only started my flock this spring. I've been told The Little Giant deluxe $128 or the Genesis 1588 deluxe $217 on Amazon are good. I have looked at the Octagon you mentioned but is $300 something...not sure it the alarm is worth the trade off. Please let me know how it goes for you.
  7. Vickis Girls
    My hatching eggs will go in the Brinsea today. Can someone tell me about how often I'll need to add water to the reservouir?
    Also, does the mini advance automatically stop turning at day 18?
  8. ChicwannaB
    I have one also and it's been great. Love it, bought a 2nd one thats not auto-turn, haven't used it yet. Both hold 7 eggs each.
  9. ducklucky
    So glad to hear that, anxiously awaiting how mine will hatch. it is a sweet little bator, and if what you are saying will be my end result, my nails will be worn to the nubs waiting while something else does all the work...
  10. TREX
    Where did you purchase it? Amazon?

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