Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator

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  1. MyCuteCoop
    "Should have humidity"
    Pros - clear sides, large in size.
    Cons - no humidity, not enough egg space
  2. LLozano
    "New to this"
    Pros - Price
    Cons - Learning curve
    Just FYI Tractor Supply has this unit markdown from 219$ to 54$. I bought one yesterday and I do not even have a chicken set up yet. Working on it but I could not pass it by.
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    54$ on sale
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  3. StiltChickens
    "Cannot recommend enough!"
    Pros - Easy to use, excellent hatch rates.
    Cons - Little toes can get pinched when opening and shutting it.
    An excellent incubator. It provides a very stable environment, and is fantastically easy to use. It provides good hatch rates, even for birds with very high embryo mortality(like seramas.). My only complaint is that if drying chicks make a break for freedom, then their toes can get pinched. If the bottom half had higher sides, then this wouldn't be an issue. 10/10 would recommend.
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  4. ChickenPalace123
    "really simple to use for begginers"
    Pros - small and easy to use and clean
    Cons - none
    3 years ago i decided to incubate eggs for the first time and wanted a small incubator, so this is what i got. i love the fact that you can watch the eggs hatch and the water is covered to keep chicks from drowning. i will never get another incubator unless i need to hatch a huge amount of eggs in that case i would most likely get another Brinsea incubator. I LOVE this incubator.
  5. Chickendude29465
    "Great incubator"
    Pros - Good at incubating compared to other products.
    Cons - Small capacity
    Great incubator and hatched all most of the eggs we incubated inside it.
  6. coloradowildflower
    "Takes away the worry!"
    Pros - Easy, precise, quiet, and easy to view the action!
    Cons - Only 7 eggs
    Absolutely a great buy! We had an excellent hatch without a humidity monitor, without monitoring temps, without stressing! We watched every moment of every egg hatching, and it was absolutely magical! I'd recommend making sure yours has the OUTSIDE water reservoir to fill. That made it so easy to see when we needed to add water. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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    January 2017
  7. Russian Blue
    "Not a good value, poor customer service"
    Pros - It works well, while it works
    Cons - Expensive, not a good value, poor customer service
    I had used my Brinsea Mini Eco 4-5 times when it started this horrible screeching when turning. I noticed the gear that is part of turner was all rusted up. I contacted customer service, and my unit had just gone out of warranty so they refused to replace anything. Customer service rep was short with me. I proceeded to contact them by email so I would have a record of the conversations. I finally convinced them to send me a new motor for the turner, after about 10 exchanges and pointing out to them that Incubator Warehouse has sent me multiple replacement parts when I needed them. For the price you pay, the Brinsea products are not a good value. I now buy only from Incubator Warehouse because they have excellent, fast and reliable customer service as well as great products.
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  8. Cot Cot
    "ExcellentIncubator for small hobbyist!!"
    Pros - This is my third time using the Brinsea Mini Advance. It is SO easy to hatch chicken eggs with this unit. I have specialized in very rare fertile chicken eggs and have had 99% hatching chicks. It is a super easy unit to use.
    Cons - I have had NO issues with this incubator. Customer service is great as well.
  9. Purple House
    "Doesn't live up to the hype"
    Pros - The temperature stays constant.
    Cons - Numerous... hard to clean, poor design, poor hatch rate, outrageously expensive for what you get. It's mainly plastic!
    After reading all the glowing reviews of this incubator, and after using it twice, I'm very disappointed with the design. There was no way to top off the water during lockdown and I lost two fully developed chicks, I complained to Brinsea by email, no response. I wrote the same thing on fb, then they went out of their way to send me a new bottom tray that does let you fill the water during lockdown. Why didn't they offer me this option when I told them about my negative experience by email?

    It's also extremely hard to clean in my opinion. The top portion where the fan is isn't easy to clean even after you screw off the clear plastic piece on the bottom. After taking it apart and looking at how it was put together, it's such a kludge. Tape holding things together, how long will that hold up?

    How does this tiny, expensive incubator get glowing reviews? Fresh Eggs Daily & Chicken Chick like it. Mine will be for sale after this current hatch.
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  10. snow5164
    "Not well designed"
    Pros - Good instructions, great customer service , my tray was cracked.
    Cons - Not enough room for 4 chicks . Lots of egg rolling and getting stuck . Not a great hatch rate for my attempts.
    Poor design, not enough room for the hatched chicks. Adding water to the tiny cup in the middle is a challenge.
    It fogged up and made observations difficult.
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