Brinsea Mini Eco Egg Incubator

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  • Holds 10 hen eggs (or equivalent) and provides the fine temperature control to ensure consistent and reliable hatches. Temperature is monitored on a liquid-in-glass thermometer and the electronic temperature control allows fine tuning of the temperature setting if required. Humidity is provided by a central water reservoir. Operates at low voltage from adapter (included).
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  1. QueenMisha
    "Great small incubator for a better price than..."
    Pros - Good hatch rates; easy to set up; good design; simple; good price
    Cons - Not as automated
    Mini Ecos are a great choice for those who want a quality small incubator but don't want to break the bank. Although you will have to turn the eggs yourself and the temperature readout is not digital but rather an actual thermometer, this incubator will give the same excellent hatch rates of a Mini Advance for quite a bit cheaper. It shares the same simple design, good visibility, and sturdy construction that has made the Mini Advance such a good incubator.
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  2. ChickenGrass
    Pros - Easy to use,cheap to run,good view of eggs
    Cons - Could be quieter
    I bought this incubator 3 years ago
    The very first time I tried hatching eggs but the cable
    Broke.So I got it fixed and since then my hatch rates
    Are around 70% to 100%
    This incubator could be quieter but it's easy to use etc.
    I would defiantly recommend this incubator to any beginner
    Or anyone who wants to hatch a few eggs
    This incubator can't fit 10 large fowl eggs
    You can get about 8 in and 10 bantams

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