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    The Octagon 20 Eco Incubator is a simple but high quality egg incubator. A simple proven electronic temperature control gives reliable hatching results of a wide range of species with minimum fuss. This is an incubator for the cost-conscious and those who require simplicity over features.
    FEATURES INCLUDE: Egg capacity of 24 hens eggs or equivalent - Simple and accurate proportional band electronic
    temperature control - Temperature factory preset at 99.5 F - Flashing temperature indicator and conventional but accurate liquid in glass thermometer - Fan assisted air circulation - proof adjustment - Insulated for low energy use and optimal temperature distribution. The unit controls temperature with high accuracy using a proven proportional band electronic controller. A flashing indicator shows that the incubation temperature is being controlled steadily and temperature is monitored. The high quality incubator cabinet is entirely injection moulded from high grade ABS which makes it tough and easy to clean. The base is double skinned and foam filled to reduce heat loss leading to lower electricity consumption and better temperature distribution. The top of the incubator is clear allowing good visibility of the eggs and chicks. Air is circulated by a long life computer grade fan which, coupled
    with the unique grill with optimized air diffuser leads to extremely even air temperature throughout the egg chamber. Fresh air is controlled with a vent slider and humidity is provided by water in two reservoirs in the base. To accommodate eggs of different sizes the Octagon 20 Eco's removable egg tray is supplied with dividers which the user can position to suit their eggs. Eggs are turned manually during incubation as the whole incubator is rocked from side to side - hence the Octagonal cabinet ends. This can be done manually at least twice each day. Auto turn unit available separately. Full factory warranty.
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  1. nova022
    "I love my Brinsea Octagon 20 ECO Manual"
    Pros - Well made
    Easy to clean
    Holds temperature
    Easy to turn eggs manually
    Good value for the price
    Cons - This model is no longer available from Brinsea and they haven't made a reasonably priced substitute. I would love to have another one.
    I have wanted a Brinsea Incubator for a long time. I have had the styrofoam type and found them bulky and hard to clean and did not have great success with them. The reviews I read on the Brinseas mostly gave them high ratings and most people who owned them recommended them. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to buy one the model I wanted was no longer available from Brinsea and I could not afford the next model up and did not want one that hatched fewer eggs. I was fortunate to find one from another site and I have been using it none stop since I got it in March. I really love this incubator.
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  2. Hannah15
    "Does What I Need It To"
    Pros - Reliable
    Cons - Do Not Trust Preset Temp, Some Options Not Available
    After a couple of bad hatches in a styrobator, I decided to replace my incubator. I bought a Rcom Pro 20, which I love. However, I didn't really want to hatch in it, for several reasons. I wanted another incubator just for hatching, but my main requirement was that it be plastic. I also didn't want to spend a fortune, since I already spent quite a bit on the Rcom. The Brinsea Eco met these requirements, so I opted to purchase it. All in all, this incubator works very well, though I had a couple of problems.

    The incubator is reliable once it is set to an appropriate temperature. However, do NOT trust the "preset at 99.5" temperature. Mine was 5 degrees off out of the box, and would have killed my peachicks had I trusted it. It is easy to calibrate, so it isn't too much of an issue, but it is a little misleading to state that it is preset at that temperature when it is actually no where near it. I have read that some people had trouble getting the humidity high enough for hatching, but I did not have any trouble with this. I simply filled both of the troughs with water and covered the entire bottom of the incubator with paper towels that were dipped in the troughs acting as a wick. This kept the humidity high, even after opening the incubator (over 60% for me). Also, temperature was recovered very quickly, even after the power went out. It had dipped quite a lot during that time, but I have no idea how long it was out, so I will not hold that against the incubator.

    This incubator is tough to compare to my other incubator, because it does not have all of the functionality. However, that leads to my second problem with it. Since at this time I did not need extra frills, I did not want to spend an additional $200 for the Advance model. I am able to buy the turner separately, which I appreciate in case I decide that I would like a second fully automatic incubator. However, I wish that I was able to add the humidity pump as well. Unfortunately, it is integrated with the Advance model, so is not an option to add to the Eco model. In fact, for my purposes, the humidity pump would be more useful than the automatic turner.

    There are a couple of other minor problems. First, because of the design of the top, it is not simple to clean in it. Fuzz builds up in it from hatching. Second, large chicks (I hatched peachicks) do not really have enough room to stand up in it. I did not have any problems with this in my first hatch in the incubator, but I am a little nervous about slipped tendons because of this.

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