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  1. Njroosters
    "Reliable and effectuve"
    Pros - Great hatches and frees up incubator for successive incubation
    Cons - Cost. Humidity pump is finicky. A pain to work with. Needs huge improvement in reliability and water reservoir.
  2. wsmith77
    "reliable and effective"
    Pros - easy to use. humidity pump is awesome
    Cons - trays are a little ackward. unit is DEEP. more difficult to clean. power consuption is higher that my GQF
    I've had this unit for about 2 years now and it's been a champ. No real complaints about operation.

    That said there are a few minor cons. The most significant is the hatching trays. they are plastic (easy to clean thus awesome), but they use stick in pegs to hold the top and bottom together. These pegs have a bad habit of coming out especially during cleaning. The unit has metal bars across the front that support longer metal bars running front to rear that the trays set on. The metal bars across the front are SHARP. The unit is very deep so reaching in to give it a good cleaning has left me with more than one battle scar. The humidity pump does a good job but all it does is pump water into the sponge/tray that you would fill normally. In dry environments it goes through water quickly.

    I know it sounds like a long list but they are all minor items. Operation of the unit has been flawless.

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