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    Now with the OvaScope you can watch the live embryo develop inside the egg.

    This innovative aid to egg candling improves the clarity and visibility of the egg and its contents by completely blocking out ambient light, slightly magnifying the image of the egg and allowing the viewer to rotate the egg smoothly as it is observed.

    Battery powered for convenience (4 AA batteries included) it uses high output high efficiency LED illumination - so no bulbs to replace and no concerns about overheating the eggs during inspection.

    Suitable for any size egg up to goose eggs. Supplied with a small black ring to seal against the egg shell of smaller eggs.

    The OvaScope can be fitted with a webcam and is ideal for demonstration purposes or classroom use. (USF210)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. rjohns39
    "Love it"
    Pros - Easy to use, no need for dark room, handles chicken, turkey, and duck eggs with little problems, few eggs are too dark to see through
    Cons - Extra large turkey eggs can be challenging to manipulate.
    Overall I love it. I can rotate most eggs freely while inside the chamber. I can position an egg on either end (the washer for the small end is cumbersome, but works). With really large turkey eggs I have to leave the hood off and manually manipulate the egg. The LED is extra bright and very effective. Mine was the high intensity Unit.
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  2. ChanLillie
    "Better than a regular flashlight"
    Pros - Very bright, can see the veins and moving embryo
    Cons - The flashlight doesn't completely attach. Not really good for quail eggs, especially button quail.
  3. NTBugtraq
    Pros - Great view of smaller eggs, even brown eggs
    Cons - Difficult to attach a webcam, and no way to secure the ensemble together to move it
    I'm reviewing the High Intensity version (which puts more light into the egg which helps with darker shells)

    This is my 3rd candler. First, home made intended only to be used in a dark room relying on a 100W light melted. 2nd a great little cheap flashlight with a cardboard egg holder, again only to be used in a dark room, worked fine but required 2 hands. So I said to heck with it and bought the Ova Scope High Intensity. It gives a great image of the egg in whatever room you are in, and allows me to rotate the egg easily. It does require me to flip large eggs over to be able to see the entire egg. For the short time I do this, I don't see that causing any problems to the development of the egg.

    Issue 1: You put the Ova View into the bottom of the Ova Scope, but they don't give us anyway to keep the 2 pieces together. If you pick the two pieces up, you run the risk of knocking the egg off its perch inside the Ova Scope. It would be so simple for the Ova Scope to have some sort of brace that keeps the Ova View inside the Ova Scope, but they haven't bothered to do that.

    Issue 2: The Ova Scope provides 2 "nubs" near the top of the eye-piece for you to "attach" a web cam. They're very small nubs, so only a very thin elastic band works, and some web cams are bigger than others. Also, the nubs are on 2 sides of the eye-piece only, so there is really only 2 ways to orient the web cam. Mine ends up looking at the egg at a 90 degree angle. Would it really have been too much to put 4 nubs, and make them actual hooks rather than just short stand-offs? Worse, there's nothing in the documentation that explains how to do any of that. Maybe they have a great way to fix a web cam, but they've kept it to themselves.

    Issue 3: I can't see the entire egg if it weighs more than 60g. So forget using this for anything larger than chicken eggs.

    Issue 4: They coulda put a hole in the side of the cover (that makes the view blacked out) so a pencil could be inserted to draw the air sac...I mean, that's why we are candling, right?

    I still say this is better than my other alternatives, but for the price, the problems above shouldn't be present, IMO.

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  1. Jeffross1968
    How does this do with brown dark can the eggs be and still be viewed?

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