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Brinsea Products Candling Lamp for Monitoring The Development of The Embryo within The Egg

Average User Rating:
  1. BantyChooks
    "Works Great"
    Pros - Portable, easy-to-use, even works on Marans eggs.
    Cons - Price, a battery hog, but that's to be expected.
    I bought this candler this spring after my old one gave out. I'm pleased with it, it's easy to use and small enough that sticking it into the incubator real quick to check air cells is no big deal. Longevity is to be determined, but for the price I paid it had better work well for many years. Overall, I'd recommend it, if you have a wad of extra cash to spend.
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  2. Yorkshire Coop
    "Excellent candler!"
    Pros - Easy to hold or use on work surface. Rubber ring makes a good seal on the egg.
    Cons - I can't find any!
    I have found this to be an excellent egg candler. Easy to hold on top of the egg while holding the egg in the other hand. Can also be used on work surface with the egg sat on the top of the candler. The rubber ring makes a good seal on the egg so the light can't escape. Overall a good product. Would highly recommend it.

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