Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator for Hatching 24 Chicken Eggs or Equivalent

The Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance is the solution to the incubation of small numbers of eggs. This...

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Brinsea Products
Brinsea Products
Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance Egg Incubator
The Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance is the solution to the incubation of small numbers of eggs. This easy to use high performance incubator provides the control and reliability that ensures top hatch rates, time after time. The specially designed control system is the heart of the Octagon 20 Advance. In normal mode it shows the incubation temperature and humidity to very high levels of accuracy. Incubation settings are set via a simple menu. Features include periodic cooling, high and low temperature alarm and choice of °C or °F bas well as full control of humidity with the optional Advance Humidity Pump. The high quality cabinet is entirely injection molded from high grade ABS which makes it durable and easy to clean. The base is double skinned and foam filled for lower power consumption and better temperature distribution. The top is clear allowing good visibility of the eggs and chicks. Air is circulated by a long life computer grade fan which, coupled with the unique grill with optimized air diffuser leads to extremely even temperature. Fresh air is controlled with a vent slider and humidity is provided by two water reservoirs in the base or automatically by the optional Advance Humidity Pump. To accommodate eggs of different sizes the removable egg tray is supplied with adjustable dividers maximizing the number of eggs that can be held. Eggs as small as Inch to as large as geese can be incubated at the same time. Eggs are turned hourly as the whole incubator is rocked from side to side by the Auto turn Cradle. Cooling is an entirely natural process and recent research has also shown that hatch rates can actually increase significantly as a result of cooling. For this reason Brinsea now incorporate a cooling option in all their Advance incubators. This flexibility and value make the Octagon 20 Advance the ideal choice whether you are breeding macaws or geese, hens or peafowl and like all Brinsea products it comes with a full 2 year warranty.

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Pros: Easy set up, easy programming, easy cleaning, no fussing....steady workhorse
Cons: High price; limited hatching space; one small vent hole
Having had an old 25 y.o. Miller styrofoam incubator that had done admirable yeoman's duty, I moved to a climate and altitude that was wreaking havoc on my hatch rates because the temps and humidity were hard to maintain. I needed steady, I needed impenetrable, I needed reliable, I needed not to have to check the temps every hour or so or flood the incubator because it is so darn dry out you can't get a stable humidity. The old incubator worked fine, but the challenges of hatching at a higher altitude were extreme and getting a less than 10% hatch rate is not acceptable. I had to give those expensive shipped eggs an edge and a better than fighting chance. I cannot control the brutality of the USPS which so graciously prescrambled lots of my eggs, nor did I have control over the pore size of eggs laid at sea level not being conducive to thin mountain air. But I could given the right circumstances more accurately control the physical incubation variables. Yeppers, it was time for an upgrade.

Bought from Amazon: The Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance with Auto Turner shipped from Amazon and the matching humidity pump shipped from AvianWeb.

PROS: The Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance with auto turner and humidity pump is a SWEET machine. It takes up less room than a styrofoam box incubator and stores easily. The temperature and humidity readout and controls make operating it so amazingly simple...just set and forget. Honestly, fussing over the incubator is a thing of the past unless you're OCD about hanging around the incubator. It heats up to where you want it in half an hour and stabilizes the humidity in one hour....and that's it. The unit I got was particularly plug and play and accurately calibrated right out of the box. It's easy to program. The digital display allows you to set the temp in either C or F and you can set an alarm for if the temps get above or below a certain level...or not set them at all if you don't want to utilize that feature. If you purchased the optional humidity pump you can set the humidity rate; Otherwise, the readout lets you know what the humidity is. There's also a cool down feature that you can program that mimics a hen leaving the nest where eggs cool a bit...or not program at all if you don't want that feature.
CONS: This unit is smaller than your standard incubator and as such has a limited amount of space for chicks to move about in.
About the only bells and whistles the Octagon Advance 20 doesn't have is a calendar alarm to let you know when it's time to turn off the turner and increase the humidity for hatching lockdown. Maybe the next iteration of the Advance Brinsea will have it or -- better yet -- an auto function that lets you just set eggs and come back for chicks.

Humidity Pump
PROS: Setting it up was fairly easy and the pictures in the instruction manual are quite helpful, especially with threading the tubing for the humidity pump. If you choose the humidity pump option, the pump electricals connect directly to the top of the incubator, so there is not a third plug for the wall outlets. There's no need to prime the tubing, either, as the rotating motion of the pump will send the water to its destination. The best thing, though, is that you can set the amount of humidity you want with a digital display...and that's it. At lock down you increase the humidity...and that's it. No worries about dropping humidity levels (unless you let the ample pump reservoir run dry) as the machine takes care of it.
CONS: With the humidity pump, however, the moisture is delivered to a pad folded above the eggs which takes up a bit of incubator head space.
If purchased without the humidity pump, filling the wells in the bottom of the incubator carriage underneath the hatching tray is what supplies the humidity: Fill one for incubation and both for lockdown hatching.

One thing extremely odd was the egg rack buffers and egg basket padding were included with the humidity pump, NOT with the incubator. Although both were purchased from Amazon, they were shipped from different suppliers. Together it made for a nice, complete unit. But purchased alone, the incubator would've just had removable wire racks to hold the eggs in place in the incubator and no padding for the bottom of the plastic egg tray. The packaging didn't make sense to me. I'm sure, though, that those that didn't receive the padding could improvise (use egg cartons?) or buy additional supplies directly from Brinsea.

Auto Turner
PROS: The auto turner is a nice feature and the Octagon fits snugly into it. It does seem to tilt to an extreme, however, and does a fairly quick rotation (half an hour). Without an autoturner, though, the Octagon is easy to place on its many angled sides to manually tilt the eggs
CONS: I found the assembly screws very tight to put in.

Final thoughts:
It's so nice to have the anxiety of mechanics taken out of the equation of hatching. This Brinsea model will let you hatch with confidence. Heck, you can take off for a couple of days without worry if you want. It is a well-engineered and well-thought-out reliably steady unit. The price is a splurge, but well worth it. You truly do get what you pay for....a superb incubator.
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Pros: Steady temp and humidity,fully auto, good viewing of eggs. Good options of cooling and humidity pump.
Cons: Bit pricey
Super incubator that has produced me some great results. Having read through the instructions I found it easy to set up. I also purchased the humidity pump to go with it. This took a little more sorting as in having to prime the pump tubing with water.
The incubator works well holding temp very well and after opening does not take long to get back to correct temperature. Holds the humidity well too and the digital read out is excellent. When it drops 1% below what you have set the pump kicks in and starts the water coming up the tube this does take a little time and the humidity does go down a little but as soon as the water gets on to the evaporation pad it soon goes up and holds well. The auto turner works well nice and smooth steady away no jerking of the eggs. Dividers and foam inserts hold the eggs well and give a good cushion support
With the pump you don't have to open after lockdown so no risk of losing humidity.
All In all good incubator that I totally trust. Only down side is the price but it's well worth it.


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