Broken Corn

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  • Broken Corn is a food for poultry like ducks, chickens, goose, and turkeys
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  1. AnimalGeek23
    "Chickens love it"
    Pros - Healthy, chickens love it
    It's healthy and can be added to grit, and the chooks absolutely love it!
  2. MattnCJ
    "Broken Corn & Cracked Wheat"
    Pros - Good Price & healthy (Non-gmo)
    We started the girls on the broken corn and cracked wheat at the beginning of Fall
  3. Book Em Danno25
    "Great Stuff, Love It!"
    Pros - great source of heat in the winter, not very expensive
    Cons - None!
    i love the corn, i give it to my birds mostly in the winter because it is a great source of heat to keep the birds warm if you don't have a coop or hen house. It's great stuff, you should get it for your birds!

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  1. Col1948
    I got some from my friend Jimmy.
  2. SunHwaKwon
    I wouldn't say it's "good", but it's a nice treat.
  3. Steve J
    I've always heard it called "cracked corn".
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  4. BlueBaby
    Broken Corn with wheat and millet mix

    Pros: Good price and my chickens go crazy for it. I feed it to them in the cooler months. When it starts getting warmer again, I start feeding them other things as treats instead.

    Cons: It will mold in the container that you put it in unless you place it somewhere that no dampness or moisture can effect it.
  5. MattnCJ
    Broken Corn & Cracked Wheat
    Pros: Good Price & healthy (Non-gmo)

    We started the girls on the broken corn and cracked wheat at the beginning of Fall in September. All the girls took very well to it and their egg production has increased to 5 eggs out of 8 layers to 7 out of 8 layers per day. The food is more filling because it does not break down so fast. And I read that it keeps them warmer. We do add an oyster shell to the mix for calcium.
  6. Pooman
    Errrr, broken corn isnt a replacement for a coop. Your chickens will still require somewhere safe and dry.
  7. ozexpat
    i'm calling it broken corn from now on.
  8. aaajjss1
    as if my chickens would ever leave any lol
  9. saladin
    It called 'cracked' corn not 'broken' corn.

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