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  1. jeremywestlake
    I am on my first hatch with this incubator and so far the only thing I don't like is that when you don't have the perfect amount of eggs in each "slice", some eggs get turned straight up instead of flat like the others.
  2. jeremywestlake
    Egg Capacity (approximate):
    • Chicken: 48 (40-48 with turner)
    • Quail: 140 (120-140 with turner)
    • Pheasant: 64 (48-64 with turner)
    • Turkey: 32 (24 with turner)
    • Goose: 16 (8 with turner)
  3. jeremywestlake
    This Top Hatch Incubator (model THI-30) from Brower® is applicable for most species because it has a universal egg rack, so there is no need to buy separate cups for different species. This egg rack can be used for most any species, just invert it. The rack can be left in for hatching or removed. It was precision designed for technical applications and for the serious hobbyist.

    This Incubator is observation friendly for learning situations because a clear top is standard. This also means no more small windows covered in condensation or the extra expense of buying a separate clear top. The removable tray is dishwasher safe at low heat, which is better than styrofoam which cannot be scrubbed and can hide pathogens in its pores. The Tech Temp Control adjusts for temperature fluctuations caused by any changes in the environment. This temperature control can adjust to temperature changes more quickly than a water/snap action switch. For you, this means fewer hot spots and no forced blasts of air. A fan comes standard that gently mixes heated air which billows throughout the tray.

    A standard automatic turner protects rolling of the eggs. The turning rack in this incubator does not need to be removed for hatching. This Brower® Incubator has a built-in candling inspection system, saving you the extra expense to candle for fertility and humidity. You'll always know you have heat with this incubator, just look at the light.

    Replacement heat is as far away as your local light bulb retailer, so you will always have a readily available heat source. The polycarbonate tower protects newly hatched chicks from burning their beaks and also protects eggs from uneven heat. This incubator will save you money because it is a complete system, so you will not have to purchase after thought add-ons. You will also not have to purchase extension rings for larger eggs like turkey and goose because 7" of clearance is standard.

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