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  1. WannaBeHillBilly
    "Way too expensive!"
    Pros - idk
    Cons - way too expensive
    I can buy a 50lbs bag of meatbird crumbles for $14 at the local farm store, 16lbs of UltraKibble is sold at big "A" for $32.26, that equals to $107.54 for 50lbs of UltraKibble - seven times more expensive.
    I really love my birds, but that's not worth it. (imho)
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    no thank's
  2. Resolution
    "soy free !"
    Pros - Soy Free, improves diet, cuts down on feed intake and produces superior eggs and chicks, eases moulting and produces more colourful plumage
    Cons - bags are too small
    This is the ultimate supplement for all my birds in the poultry yard and aviary. Ration directions for different species is clearly labeled on the back of the bag. I save ~ 40% on my feed bill using this product with my lay hens by mixing it in a 1 to 10 ratio with scratch grain and oystershell. The girls pick out all their high energy favorites like cracked corn and wheat first and I don't add anymore food until all the kibble is picked clean.
    Each teaspoon of kibble is contains the approximately as much nutrients as five tablespoons of crumble.
    The birds end up eating so much less it takes some getting used to. I've learned that chickens eat for something to do and that regular crumbles and soft pellets are digested too quickly. When I feed the kibble to my birds they produce much less manure and what is produced is much drier, smaller and easier to manage. The best part of this product is that its soy free. The quality of the eggs produced by lay hens is noticed by everyone at the farmer's market. No one competes with our farm for egg sales and we ask for more because their grade is that much better. The increased fertility and vigor of my aviary birds and waterfowl fed on this supplement is nothing short of amazing.

    When I feed this to my pheasants and peacocks they keep their tails longer and extends their breeding season. More chicks hatch and there is less sickness and mortality.

    My lay hens moult is gradual when fed on the kibble supplement and they lay eggs through most of it.

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