Cabinet Egg Incubators

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  1. wsmith77
    "love it!"
    Pros - Easy to use, easy to clean, very reliable! true set and forget
    Cons - Control box is all the way on the rear of one side.... makes it more difficult to reach
    I have 3 of these units. The oldest has been pumping out chicks for me for 3 years now. They are excellent. The settings are intuitive. The operation is simple yet effective. I have never had an issue. I did have to adjust the calibration of my oldest unit initially by .3 degrees but that's minor. I called GQF, left a VM and they called me back with instructions within 2 hrs. I would recommend this unit to anyone.

    I also have Dickies and Brinsea. I have no complaints on either, but the GQF is my go-to!
  2. Ihilani Coffee
    "GQF Machines Are Workhorses"
    Pros - Egg capacity, auto turning, consistent temps, easy to work on, easy to find used, easy to clean
    Cons - Makes hatching TOO easy!
    My first incubator is an old (like 20 years old) GQF 1266. I believe it was meant for emu eggs when that was all the rage. I picked it up on craigslist very reasonably, added a custom 1/2 inch thick acrylic door, and off I ran...I have yet to get anywhere near capacity. The turner and fan work great. I haven't had to repair anything although I did replace the wafer just for good measure. I soon found out that hatching every three weeks was not going to work for me as I have several breeds with just a pair or trio or quad. Trying to hatch every week in just this unit was not a good plan due to high hatch humidity requirements. I purchased a used GQF hatcher so now I set eggs every week and switch them to the hatcher at lockdown. Both machines are workhorses and just keep on track with temp and humidity. Once I got them "dialed in" there is very little I need to do at all. I have replaced the heat element on the hatcher and also the electronic thermostat, both easy to do with simple household tools. I prefer simpler things, and these two used units meet my needs perfectly. They were not expensive, replacement parts are available and also not expensive. I would not want one of the high-priced fully digital machines for these reasons.
    Pros - works awesome great hatch rate, easy to use
    Cons - can't stack them next to each other due to digital readout would be blocked
    We have 3 GQF incubators and a hatcher and love them all.
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  1. FishMtFarm
    I have a question about this incubator. Does the surrounding temperature have to be warm for it to keep the internal temp right, or could I run this in my unheated barn and still have it keep the right hatching temp internally?
    1. Darkestcon
      depends on how cold it is out there. Obviously if its hotter inside then the system has no way to cool. If it doesnt get TOOOO cold then youd probably be fine.
      Darkestcon, Jun 29, 2018
  2. miachick
    Just ordering there brooder cage for quail :) thinking about getting the cabinet egg incubator.

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