Cabinet Egg Incubators

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  1. wsmith77
    "love it!"
    Pros - Easy to use, easy to clean, very reliable! true set and forget
    Cons - Control box is all the way on the rear of one side.... makes it more difficult to reach
    I have 3 of these units. The oldest has been pumping out chicks for me for 3 years now. They are excellent. The settings are intuitive. The operation is simple yet effective. I have never had an issue. I did have to adjust the calibration of my oldest unit initially by .3 degrees but that's minor. I called GQF, left a VM and they called me back with instructions within 2 hrs. I would recommend this unit to anyone.

    I also have Dickies and Brinsea. I have no complaints on either, but the GQF is my go-to!
  2. Ihilani Coffee
    "GQF Machines Are Workhorses"
    Pros - Egg capacity, auto turning, consistent temps, easy to work on, easy to find used, easy to clean
    Cons - Makes hatching TOO easy!
    My first incubator is an old (like 20 years old) GQF 1266. I believe it was meant for emu eggs when that was all the rage. I picked it up on craigslist very reasonably, added a custom 1/2 inch thick acrylic door, and off I ran...I have yet to get anywhere near capacity. The turner and fan work great. I haven't had to repair anything although I did replace the wafer just for good measure. I soon found out that hatching every three weeks was not going to work for me as I have several breeds with just a pair or trio or quad. Trying to hatch every week in just this unit was not a good plan due to high hatch humidity requirements. I purchased a used GQF hatcher so now I set eggs every week and switch them to the hatcher at lockdown. Both machines are workhorses and just keep on track with temp and humidity. Once I got them "dialed in" there is very little I need to do at all. I have replaced the heat element on the hatcher and also the electronic thermostat, both easy to do with simple household tools. I prefer simpler things, and these two used units meet my needs perfectly. They were not expensive, replacement parts are available and also not expensive. I would not want one of the high-priced fully digital machines for these reasons.
    Pros - works awesome great hatch rate, easy to use
    Cons - can't stack them next to each other due to digital readout would be blocked
    We have 3 GQF incubators and a hatcher and love them all.

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  1. FishMtFarm
    I have a question about this incubator. Does the surrounding temperature have to be warm for it to keep the internal temp right, or could I run this in my unheated barn and still have it keep the right hatching temp internally?
  2. miachick
    Just ordering there brooder cage for quail :) thinking about getting the cabinet egg incubator.

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